Quick question for my blades... (OC+ecstasy)

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    I took 20mg of my roxicodone (take some every other day for my bad hip). Hypothetically speaking,how safe would it be for someone to take half or even a full ecstasy tab in about an hour or so (about 5 hours after ingesting the OC)?

    I've taken these pills before, they are not that great... kinda a methbomb but not too terrible. Any response is appreciated.
  2. Ohhh come on! I know someone has some valuable information, erowid and bl turned up nothing useful. This decision needs to be made soon

  3. Well I don't know your toleance to either so I couldn't honestly tell you in that amount of time. I'd be fine, but you defiently don't wanna be speedballin(uppers+downers) too hard
  4. You should be mooore than fine if you decide to eat your rolls now. I was railing oxy while high on mdma the entire weekend. It's actually a pretty sick combo. As long as your not consuming like a ridiculous dose of either, your gonna be set.
  5. you're good. 5 hours is a good amount of time between dosing so there shouldn't be a problem at all.
  6. I appreciate all the replies. I still haven't slept but it was a fantastic evening. BUT yeah the OC had no affect on the rolls and vice verse.

    Thanks to who ever replied, i did it anyways but I do appreciate it.

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