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Quick Question for legal states or medical states

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by NewbUser, Mar 27, 2016.

  1. When they have edibles in chocolate bars, popcorn and other stuff is it just THC/CBD or are the other cannabinoids in them as well?

    I think it'd be somewhat useless just having THC/CBD because there's so much more than those that can help people.
  2. Yes there was someone who just posted that if you need cbd oil to contact him. I can check to see if im correct. Are you in a legal state? Theres one thing that comes to my mind but idk if itll work for your son. I have really bad anxiety a touch of ADD ive been told from docs and cant sleep for the life of me if i dont take my meds(hash caps). In matter of a fact as i was writing this i was trying to calm myself as my anxiety was just acting up and took a cap. Fell asleep for 30 mins when it kicked in and woke up refreshed and no more anxiety. At least till the cap wears off but i do get a couple hrs of lingering effects after they completely wear off. Otherwise id just wait for am experienced blade to comment:)

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