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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by sikander, May 26, 2010.

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  1. Hi, I'm just curious about the new "nothing-but-grass" rule banning discussion of other drugs: how far does this go? Is this only for non-traditional "illicit" drugs, or are alcohol and cigarettes now against the rules too?
  2. I asked this question and unless my memory sucks really bad, we can still discuss booze, stogies, cigarettes, and caffeine.
  3. Why did this happen? I thought this site was based on freedom of speech and so forth. Im a libertarian and I think this rule is pretty restrictive and George W. Bush type politics. I hope I dont get banned for this but I enjoyed reading that and being informed. Properly informed = safety. I will spend about half the time here now because that was removed. I hope I dont get banned for this but whats the deal GC? Im dissapointed......
  4. At the very least i think we should be able to talk about psychedelic drugs. As soon as they changed the rules grasscity went from "The best counter-culture community" to "The best community" and it sucks watching such a big part of the city die.
  5. I don't even miss the other drug discussion. That is not why I came to grasscity. We are lucky in the sense that grasscity is also a head shop. I've seen other cannabis communities go from great stoner friendly social sites to strict non-social medical marijuana sites.

    GrassCity is still #1 in my books.
  6. Well, not exactly sure what this "new" rule is, but I guess I gotta ask what exactly will be the purpose of the Pandoras Box section will be in the future if it's true.
  7. It'll have the same purpose it always had, a forum for topics that might be considered controversial. The only difference is no more talk of other psychotropics.
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