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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by ThaAAXplosion, Jul 26, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, i'm just wondering if everyone elses rep is doing the same thing, i notice i'm getting repped alot mroe, but my rep "points" stay at 38? i know it's alot more than that, and it has stayed at 38 for a week or so.:confused: i shall hit the pipe!:smoking:
  2. Sorry to not answer your question, but how do you give someone +rep?
  3. look in the top corner of someone's post where it says perma- something dont remember and then there is a little scale type picture, click on it
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  5. Ok thanks I see it
  6. Has anyone +rep you in the last week?
  7. i just repped you so tell us if its still at 38 :hello:

  8. I bet it still is. Unless you have green bars there's no point in repping anybody. If everybody who gave rep could, I would have 2 or 3 bars by now. Still though, it is nice to see the nice comment beside the given rep in your UCP. Just the fact that somebody finds your posts funny or helpful is good enough for me.:D
  9. yeah, more than usual in fact. and thanks for the +rep bud, one for you too :D
  10. 38?
    Holy shit, I have like negative 17 or something... just for posting my opinions :)
  11. Indont get the point of rep is it just to make you feel special?

  12. Yeah, that happens. Sometimes people think you deserve having rep taken away from you for having a different opinion. I'd even it back out for you if I could.:(

    Personally, unless the poster is being a complete troll, I won't bother. It's fun to have a huge debate with someone. It gives you insight into the other side of the argument. I'll admit though that more times than not it does get out of hand. I am only human after all.
  13. Don't bother. His opinion was about kicking cop's asses.

  14. Hmm... well that isn't any good:(. Link?
  15. My opinion about what I would do in a situation.

    I already deleted the posts.. so no link. Actually I think there is one more post left up there from me..

    Uhh search "cops gave me no rights" something like that :)

  16. Alright, found it. Shouldn't have deleted your posts there man, makes it harder to see your side. I'm guessing you just don't have much respect for cops and just over-exaggerated a bit?:confused: Can't really tell but from the later posts it looks like you're almost turning into a troll. Watch that, dude.
  17. I dont care about any of it. I guess you can call it trolling. I was just posting something funny to me.

    the first post was somethin like "pummel the first cop and shoot the other two" or something haha It was funny to me.

  18. Ohh, okay, now I see. Seen this problem in a lot of other threads too. Here's what you've gotta do.

    Post a smiley, or just somehow make it obvious that your post was a joke. Many people cannot tell when you are joking because they can't hear any sarcasm in your voice or see the expression on your face when it's just written text.
  19. Yeah but I didn't want the humor to be ruined by a smiley. Did you see the last post that "king willis" made on the thread?

    Now THAT was humor. And I got it that it was a joke haha..

  20. Do you really think that? The whole thread people were bashing you! They didn't get the joke, because it came across as serious. Believe me, the smiley would have done you way more good than bad.:)

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