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  1. I am using the canna coco a and b for the first time. I am just about to switch my ladies to bud and have been wondering about the amount of nitrogen in the a and b and was thinking i may have better results with bloom a and b from another line. What do you's think? I will put pic's up of the girls tonight when i get home i am bored at work atm lol
  2. There's a reason why Cannazym is a 0-2-1 and used at 10ml per gallon at the initiation of flowering... Even Canna recognizes the needs of the plants changing. I would recommend you try their lineup, but if you're opposed to getting the Cannazym (because you'll go through 2L of the stuff) I would suggest using Botanicare's Hydroplex. At 0-10-6 you can use 2ml for about the same change to the npk ratios as you'd get from the Cannazym.

    Personally, I like to use CNS17 Ripe in combination with a small amount of A+B. There's a lot of ways of going about getting the right elements in their for bloom. Switching off of Canna for bloom isn't such a terrible idea. CNS17 Soil/Coco Bloom is my preferred choice, although you might want to have a few odds and ends around to tailor the nutrients a little from the standard one-part.
  3. Thanks mate i have nothing bad to say about canna a and b for veg except make sure you add cal and mag, don't know if its my strain (ghs cheese) but i have to add 5 teaspoons ep salt due to mag def. Other than that its awesome for veg. I have growth tec bloom for coco i might try that. Or buy some cannazym lol. I have pk 13 14 i also use cyco uptake which makes a huge difference
  4. If you are adding 5 teaspoons of epsom salt then you don't really know what you're doing. Nothing wrong with that, but let me help, I know how it can be...

    1/4 teaspoon in 5 gallons of water adds 10 to 15ppm of Magnesium, and about that much sulfur. By using 20x that you are adding upwards of 200 to 300ppm of Mg in your solution, which is definitely waaaaaaay too much. Especially when the average ppm level for Magnesium is between 20ppm and 40ppm. For someone rocking just 25ppm of mag that 1/4 teaspoon in 5 gallons will increase the magnesium level by 50%, which is a HUGE shift.

    A+B definitely has enough Calcium in it, there's 4.6% calcium, to 5% Nitrogen... Magnesium is a little lacking, but not that lacking. The element that Canna Coco A+B requires desperately is iron. Many growers use a Micro supplement, like cal-mag plus, without realizing it is the "Plus" that is making the difference.

    Every 1ml of 1% in a gallon of water will add ~2.645ppm. So, 10ml of 5% would be 10x5x2.645= 132.5ppm. And that's just the minimum, as what is listed on the bottle is only what is promised to be in there. There will inevitably be more in the solution, perhaps as much as 50% more.

    Canna A+B, IMO, should be run at 6 to 8ml per gallon in combination with 2-3ml per gallon of Cal-Mag Plus. This gives the best results in veg for myself, although I usually add in a Seaweed extract, Silicon, and Fulvic Acid. Any grower worth their salt can grow with just about any assortment of nutrients, just do the math and run the numbers and keep your ppm levels within reason.

    Oh, "P" is only 43% phosphorus.
    "K" is only 84% potassium.

    That should get you rolling...
  5. Sweet thanks mate. I only have a basic idea lol i just give them as much as i think they need but sounds like im using too much nutes in 8l i am putting 21 ml a and b, 8 ml cyco uptake, 21 ml camg, 2 and a half teaspoon's ep salt and 4 drops super thrive, 8ml seasol ph to 5.8 i feed 2 liter's twice a day and i have no nute burn?. I will put pics up in bout 2 hours when i get home

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