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quick question bout bubbler?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by zmanzach10, Mar 10, 2010.

  1. im just wondering if this is bubbler or hammer or what, i bought it at head shop for 80 dollars, and main question, am i supposed to put water in this pipe?theres no downstem, and when i fill it to top with water, i suck some in, then when its to the point where i dont suck any in, it doesnt bubble?

    if its not a bubbler what is it?

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  2. someone anwser por favor
  3. have u tried putting in a medium amount? did u buy it without knowing if it was a bubbler or not? on some bubblers u can see thru the bottom part and theres a little downstem lookin thing in the middle and ur supposed to make the water level just about that downstem lookin thing. haha sorry i dont know what it's called.
    -EDIT: i read that it had no downstem, prob not a bubbler im guessing, but looks like a dope piece
  4. im confused, if its not a bubbler, then why is it so big? like the chamber thing
  5. I'm pretty sure that's just a pipe.

  6. idk dude maybe that's just how its supposed to look. i mean if it was a bub and u tried to put in water at several levels at some point it would start to make a purr noise when u hit it and it doesn't sound like u gettin' that. know what i mean?
  7. well i get that purr noise, but im thinkin that when that happens its splashin my bud, and im mostly confused cuz of no downstem?
  8. that fat part is prolly there for looks but ill bet that it milks up fat!! that fat part will fill up with smoke and youll feel it :D
  9. It's just a hammer dry pipe, if there is no downstem, how did you expect it to be a bubbler?
  10. Yup, dry hammer.

    Sweet looking, though! :smoking:
  11. just a fancy pipe.. i like it, you know who makes it?

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