Quick question about what container size to use

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  1. Hello, I was wondering why I'm supposed to put the seed into a small container and then eventually transplant it into a larger container. Why can't I just put it in the final container to start off with? It will probably be 3 gallons.

  2. You can, simple answer is it's easier to overwater a tiny plant in a large container. 
    If you do overwater a small plant in a big pot, the roots will probably die because they are sitting in mud for an extended period of time without any oxygen.
  3. Ohhhhhh that makes so much sense. I think I'll do it the normal way and just start it off in a small pot and transplant it to a larger one later. Thanks for the quick response :)
  4. Also. When planting in small containers, the taproot shoots to the bottom, and begins circling the pot, you can essentially create a bigger root ball if you transplant 1 or 2 times, or just simply leaving space in your pot and when the roots begin to circle, put another layer of medium below them so they stretch to look for water, and begin circling again. I know a few people who do this with weed, I do it with some greenhouse plants only. Sorry if that doesn't make sense, had a few bowls ;)

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  5. The classic noob mistake is obvious when you see a tiny little seedling in a 7 gallon bucket.
    A good progression is solo cup, 1-2 gallon. then a final pot.
  6. when seeds were cheap we planted in small pots and only transplanted the best starts. But now at $10/seed, I just plant directly in the pot it will flower in. I dig out with a dibble about the size of a Dixie cup and fill that with seed starting mix. By the time it outgrows that  it would be ready for transplanting, but I don't need to transplant. There is no chance of over watering.

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