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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by welshbud, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. Just a quick question on vegging i have 3 decent sized plants for a pc grow, been vegging for over a week with a cfl 125w i have kept the light on for 24hours for the whole time the plants have been in there

    I havent started feeding them yet soon will once i get the money,
    Is the 24 cycle okay?
    Should i now introduce the 18/6 cycle ready for the 12/12 cycle for flowering
    I do now i need to start feeding them but i want to re pot them soon an then do it

    Any advice appreciated
    Thank you
  2. i did 24 hour on my plant and i saw not much growth. switched it to 18/6 and watch it grow. then did 16/8 for about a week b4 flower then did 12/12 .transplant b4 you start to flower it. dont want to mess with it during flower. should start giving it nutrs atleast after 3-4 weeks of growth. b4 flower
  3. You can gradually switch it into 12/12. Most people just switch straight into it because its easier.
  4. I do 24/0 than 12/12 its worked well for me.

    Agreeing with other posters, repot before you flower.

    I honestly dont feed any nutes until I start flowering or I see the leaves starting to discolor before flowering. Thats just me though :)
  5. Yeah thanks guys will do that as for lighting its just a case i think of what u think will work is best i suppose :)

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