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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by DTChi, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. I don't have any shrooms at the moment, and I've never done them before, but myself and a close friend are considering doing them next weekend. My question is this: if we dose friday night (we're splitting an eighth) will I be able to perform to my full ability at an ECML (eastern connecticut men's league) baseball game? The game is at 5 o'clock on saturday. My parents are coming down from Maine and are going to watch me play and stay at my apartment the night after, so I want to be good to go for all of that. I know I won't still be tripping at that time, but will any of the day-after effects hinder my ability to perform?

    Thanks in advance~
  2. Possibly not though you might be able to
  3. You will be fine, just make sure you get your sleep.
  4. 5 PM or AM? if it's PM you'll be fine for sure, imo. i wouldn't do it if it's 5 AM, though.
  5. Who the fuck plays baseball at 5 in the morning? Hahah sorry im just pretty stoned and i found this really funny haha.
  6. oh yeah, youll be fine. half 8th is a royaly weak dose too so youll have no prob.
  7. you should play your game trippin on shrooms, it might be fun
  8. I wouldnt recommend it. I dont know for sure but I wouldnt want to do anything important while on shrooms
  9. for me i just feel a little 'out of it' the next day
    but i strongly believe that it wont affect your game whatsoever
  10. As others have said half an eighth is a low dose, you most likely wont trip at all.
  11. I ate mushrooms for the first time a few weeks ago, ate a half an eighth (i'm a big guy 6'4 270)and def. felt some results. not as many visuals as i'd hoped, but i was tripping. I'd imagine everyones body reacts differently. HAVE FUN!
  12. Thank you :) I'm picking them up tomorrow!


  13. If your shrooms are good you should only need a half eighth or less... i just picked up an oz of shrooms on saturday and i tripped face off .7 of a gram... def. the best shrooms ive ever eatin. i would start out slow especially if its ur first time.

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