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  1. okay, so if my pH was kinda on the low side, is it safe to add vinegar or whatever and bring it to 6.0-7 right away? Or should I add it in small increments over several days?
  2. Yes just bring ph where it should be.
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  3. Thanks dude. I kinda figured it wouldn’t matter too much, but I still wanted to ask the GrassCity family first haha.
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  4. I recently came to understand that coffee works to bring soil down to a more acidic state. (If used correctly). I compost and always avoided throwing coffee grounds on the pile for some reason. But lately I’ve been adding used grounds to the pile once every week or so. So as to not over do it.
    But today I finally Benifited from my labors and added some compost to my soil for nutrients. Hopefully it’s just what the doctor ordered.
  5. Would dolomite lime counteract the acidity of the coffee grounds? Plus you get that sweet sweet calcium from it.

    Or gypsum?
    Gypsum i hear is one of the best if your soils weird and in need of calcium
    And by weird i mean hard. Like clay. But would it really matter if it wasnt

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  6. In certain cases, I’m actually pretty sure it would counter act the coffee grounds. But unfortunately for me, my calcium seems to be good as are the nitrates. But, my soil stays stubbornly alkaline, no matter how hard I try natural ways to lower it (pH) slowly to around a 6.0 reading. It’s either super alkaline or I do something dumb like adding straight vinegar lmao. (Last years mistakes, hopefully not this year’s)!
    But yeah man, good question...

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