Quick question about my grow box

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by mynameiswho, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. I have this little 2 shelve drawer nightstand thing i turned into a grow box.

    Its about 2 feet tall and about 15" around the base.

    My question is, the box only had 3 sides of wood/particleboardstuff because i removed the drawers so the front was wide open. I made this decently stealth door out of a cardboard box from a tvstand so it has a picture on the outside.

    My question is, if im going to grow with CFL's (1 55watt on the top directly in the middle, and 2 supplemental 24watts on the bottom edge in the middle) would this be sketch at all?

    Clearly cardboard box is flammable and i would never make a full grow box out of cardboard, but i came here looking for some ideas to help make this box a little more safe on the cardboard door part. Only one side (2'x15") is going to be cardboard.

    I had 2 ideas to make it a little safer

    -Attach mylar to the inside of the box on the cardboard to get a layer between the two.
    -cover the cardboard in white duct tape to protect it

    what do you guys think of this? The lights would be pretty far away from the cardboard (5-6 inches at least) as well as all the electrical would be placed along the back of the box or completely outside the box. Im failing to see how the cardboard could possibly catch fire, but i dont wanna take too big of a risk.

  2. Duct tape the inside that faces the grow area. The silver tape with red lettering. It will reflect light as well as stave off mold. Problem solved
  3. sweet, it totally slipped my mind that there was reflective tape. I plan to take a trip over to home depot to get some lighting supplies and some other stuff so ill pick some up, thanks

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