quick question about my flouros...

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by bigk, Mar 12, 2004.

  1. Hey guys... I'm still a bit new to this scene.. I have a few mj plants growing out of my closet... I'm only looking to grow 2 plants,,, hopefully they are both FEMALES!! hehe... But anyway, I have a duel 48 inch flouro balast that reads 400 watts,,,,,, Can anyone give me an idea of how many lumens that will be, or can you please tell me how efficient it will be for growing just two plants....???

    Thanks a ton.
  2. I think u got something wrong there. I've got two flouros roughly 24 inch each. They give me 55W total.

    U getting 400W out of two 48"? How?
  3. i think he meant 40 watts
  4. Each of the tubes in about 47-48 inches long.... they say soft white on them and each of them says "40w preheat rapid start...... f40cw cool white" And I have two of them side by side in one large balast.... So, yea I guess I did make a mistake , sorry.... Can you help me with lumens? Or with if they will be good or not?
  5. to veg under yes, i take it you havent clicked on my links in my sigs. everything you possibly could want to know about floros from 20 days on...:) as far as lumens? i dont know, i just know it works.
  6. Does the better the light setup during veg determine the sex of the plants?? I just read that on one of your links.
  7. no the seed already has already determined it sex. light doesnt effect the outcome in the end, however improper light schedules can make a female throw male flowers, going hermi

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