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  1. So I just switched my first grow to flowering and set it to 12/12 yesterday. 3 plants total, 2 of which I’m 100% sure they’re female and the 3rd one I’m about 90% sure is male. The preflowers have not formed the characteristic “balls” yet but there are “crab claws” and no pistils.

    My question is.. should I just chop it and trash it? I’ve read that you can use it for edibles but is that after the male flowers or does it have THC content now? What are my options as I don’t have an adequate place outdoors to let it flower?

    Thanks for your time!
  2. No rush.....let it grow a bit and make sure before you toss it.....its not throwin pollen yet....if it's a male
  3. More so asking if my only option once I know for sure it’s male is to just destroy it and toss it out.
  4. Unless you want a bunch of seeds in your female plants or can keep it separate and not cross contaminate when taking care of them but that's a hassle for some edibles. I would kill it once I was 100% sure. Usually males show first before females of the same genetics so there is still hope.
  5. Yea I figured it would need to finish. Just that it’s been my prettiest plant with the least issues so tough to just kill it. Different genetics though. It’s actually way shorter than my females also.

    Here’s a picture of the preflowers.
  6. Male pod's on those 2 photos:(...
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