Quick question about hydro pumps

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by Jabb3r, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. My pump is getting pretty ho being on 24/7, can I get by the same by having it on a 18/6 schedule or something similar?

    Or any recommendations to cool the pump. So far im thinking of pointing a fan at it.

  2. air pump or water pump

    air pump is never turned off...ever

    the water pump can be cycled... but i kinda depends on the system... and if its generating heat its heating the soup... so you should get a water chiller to reverse the effects of the hot water pump

    good luck
  3. Hi..

    Tihspeed's right... 24/7 on air pumps in a bubbler system. Air pumps can get hot if there isn't enough cooling for the moving parts. Dirt and dust can collect.
    I have opened up an air pump, blew out all of the dirt and dust, put a drop of machine oil on the pivot point of the arm , and then reassembled. Some higher quality air pumps have rebuild kits that you can use. Here is a site that has parts (diaphrams and the such)... Aquarium Air Pump Parts

    Good Luck!

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