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Discussion in 'General' started by tokerpro420, May 8, 2011.

  1. Hi there any tips on getting a few replies to threads? Want to keep a good standing here, and will try my best to help out and answer your questions or problems to the best of my ability. Just joined recently but have always been a friend to grasscity. Love this place...im all ears...well eyes in this particular case.
  2. Have an interesting topic to discuss.
  3. Dont worry about it man
  4. yeah, don't sweat it. Everyone makes threads once in a while that they look back on and go "da fuck?"

    But if you want to help out, just spend time in the apprentice tokers section. Answer questions to the best of your ability, and don't be afraid to ask some yourself. You will learn a lot that way.
  5. you must go through the Toran RA
  6. The council of geniuses..
  7. Just put penis in the thread title and you'll have a 10 page thread in no time.

  8. that, or tits
  9. or you could also follow a very heated thread with a lot of angry bladers having it out until the thread gets shut then use the same name and write something completely different ...that way the angry bladers will see the title and automatically click on it expecting more conflict...but its like a trap .. you trap them in a random breakfast thread ....?:smoke:
  10. Thanks for all the tips guys...and for my first thread. I will take all tips into account. Got a laugh from some also. haha. MJ smokers are a keen people. GRASSCITY!!!

  11. 98 likes ? am i missing something ?

  12. The guys username is 98 people
  13. Lolololololololololo, the guy that made that account is a genius.
  14. hahaha sure fooled me i was thinking shouldnt it say "like not "likes". lol i got all exited thought i was the man for about 4 mins.
  15. [​IMG]
  16. lmao .. thats great ... im going to +rep that guy for that lmao ... i suggest you do the same...he deservs it ..that was a great troll :D

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