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Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by StonerPanda, May 14, 2006.

  1. I'm watching this video I downloaded a while ago, my main inspiration for growing, called I Grow Chronic. In it, he builds a drip system for his vegetative room, where it drips on plants which all drain into one big tray which goes back to his res. He starts his clones in rockwool, then puts them in bigger, 4 inch cubes, sticks a dripper in the cube, and off they go. When he transfers the plant from the veg room to the flower room, he simply lifts the cube out of the tray and buries it in hydroton in his ebb/flow setup. The roots are like 18 inches long out the bottom of the cube, but he didn't keep them in anything other than the cube, so all those roots would have been exposed. They still had water flowing over them, but wouldn't the light exposure hurt the roots?

    I want to build pretty much the exact same system but smaller, but I want to make sure that there's no mistake in his methods before I spend the cash. It appears to work in his movie, and if it really does then this will be an awesome alternative to dicking around with 5 separate DWC bucket reservoirs to veg 5 plants.

    Thanks! :smoking:
  2. haha dr green thumb, basically was inspiration for me to grow and i copied his ENTIRE set up

    ^^( hes painted in all green ) that guys kicks ass

    yea the roots are fine as long as there potted in the rocks like he shows, i potted soil in my buckets for a while right under the roots just to be safe (having better yeilds then he says he does) :)
  3. as long as the roots are covered, you don't have to worry. Either burry them in hydroton or perlite. The cube will retain a safety measure's worth of water and nutrients and the rest will have good uptake and oxygenation. BTW - that is a great video for the beginning "gardener".

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