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quick question about cracked glass

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by fvaambush, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. Ok so I dropped my bub on the pavement the other day :)eek:) I know right.

    Anyway, its pretty good glass (double blown) and it didnt break but there is a couple little cracks in the glass and I'm just wondering if theres a good chance at all that it will break.

    Idk I didnt really think about this till today (it happened like 5 days ago) but I'm really startin to sketch about hitting it against something and it just shattering into a bunch of pieces because of the crack thats in the glass... Is that possible at all or should I start being careful with it?

    edit: just look at it again, theres a good gash in it with about 2 or 3 crack decent cracks about an inch long or less in it. I'll take pictures some other time I dont even know where my camera is right now :(
  2. i would be very careful, thats for sure.
  3. Definetely, this was my first glass piece so you know how it is. Its really special to me and I'm considering buying another bub to use so that I can keep this one in halfway decent condition :(
  4. oh..your first piece. i would put it up and leave it alone.
  5. You think its that bad? I mean does anyone else have any experience with cracked glass?
  6. i am sorry i am not much help. i would just worry but thats what women do lol
    hopefully someone else will help ya out. good luck!!
  7. Nah its straight, I appreciate your input.

    I've decided a new rule... my bub never leaves my room :p

    Thats where I fucked up, driving around with my bubbler all day, and it being handled between me and 5 other people :p (although it was me that dropped it...)

    Anyway, I was just hoping someone would have some experience with cracked glass and how dependable it is... I mean the only thing I can think of is how windshields on cars that have cracks and how they get bigger over time :eek:

  8. I cracked my glass too. First piece I ever smoked out of. It was given to me the day after my first night getting high. It broke off completely recently, the whole bottom bowl part (not the actual bowl the weed touches, the part encasing it). I was thinking maybe I could put a small amount of super-glue on the outside edges and glue it together and safely smoke?
  9. That would work, but hot glue it. Hot glue doesnt give off fumes at high temperatures so its the best to use on making/repairing pieces.

    Wait so your piece cracked and then broke a little while later?? :eek:
    Or did I misread that
  10. Yeah, I noticed the crack running along it and one day I was scraping resin... ) :

    I still feel bad about it. That moment of shock when half my bowl fell onto my lap.

    EDIT: and thanks, that's awesome :D
  11. Oh shit ...

    I really hope that doesnt happen... I'll kill someone
  12. Mind, I was pressing on it with the paperclip. It was moreover me not thinking, so as long as you're careful it should be okay.
  13. im sure if you sealed the crack with gorilla glue or something similar, that would really help.
  14. integrity-wise *
  15. The best thing you could do to fix it is use a two-part epoxy (5 minute epoxy is fine). Take a fine grit sandpaper (220 or so) and gently sand the glass right over the crack. Mix and spread a tiny bit of epoxy over the sanded glass with a toothpick and set it somewhere where it won't be messed with for a couple days; also, put some paper under it so the glue doesn't drip on your table. It'll take way longer to dry than 5 minutes (I know it's 5 minute epoxy, but unless it's sandwitched between stuff being glued together, it doesn't dry all that well). Check on it every now and then and wipe off the excess glue with a wet rag. When it's dry it'll be stronger than it was before it cracked.
  16. There's no such thing as 'double blown' glass. What do you think it means?

    Cracks spread in glass. Don't expect too much from it now. You might be able to keep using it for years, but will you ever stop worrying about it?
  17. just smoke with it. if its gonna break its gonna break nothing you can do. that is if it breaks while your like smoking it or setting it down and it just shatters but if you mean be careful like dont drop it on the floor or pavement like you did then thats a given of course be careful. imo keep smoking with it unless it holds that sentimental value (its your 1st piece so prob) and when it breaks get a new 1.
  18. the cracks are actually in the glass... I can physically touch the cracks in the glass lol the only thing I could try and seal is the gash it has from where it fell and hit the pavement..

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