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  1. to start this off, i know nothing about growing. i was trying to find seeds from a medical club because my neighbor used to grow and he would start again if i got seeds for him.

    so i checked out the clubs and i couldn't find seeds but they do have clones. so from what i understand, this is just a small plant at the beginning stage and you just take it out of the container and plant it right?

    so if i had a clone that i just got from the club in my trunk for a few hours would it die? is it ok to keep it in my trunk, or does it need light?
  2. A lot depends on if the clones are rooted or not. If you're getting them from an actual business, then I'd assume that they are rooted, and therefore not as fragile. If it was unrooted clones, then essentially all you'd have is branches of a plant, and they wouldn't survive in the trunk of a car for any extended period of time. Regardless if they are rooted or not they should be under a fluorescent light for 18-24 hours a day.
  3. Clones are off a good female plant. So you won't have to guess the sex. They are ten times better then seed in most cases.

    The dark won't kill your clone, the heat will. Get an ice chest/lunch box like the type they bring donated organs in. You want the ride to be stable and cool (not cold). I use old t-shirts and socks to stabilize the plants. I stuff some ice in a few pair of socks and add it into the cooler. Don't put the ice so it will touch the clone. Remember cool not cold, so not too much ice.
  4. hey rump, do you ever put clones in "stasis" I've heard of it before,b ut never done it.. whats the story on that?
  5. can you do clones outdoors too?
    what's the difference? how do I do it?
  6. I use a miniature greenhouse, directly spray the plants so that they are saturated. Young clones generally don't have root systems esablished so they absorb their nuetrients threw their leaves. If you get one of these greenhouses, atleast putting it in direct sunlight will keep the inside humid and saturdated, probably not a bad idea. I use 4 flourescent bulbs myself. Shoot for high humidity and let their roots dig deep.
  7. Here's a good write up on clones and their uses:


    to answer your question, a clone is just like a seed. except already grown.. haha you can use them anywhere. hell i just threw 6 away, i'll cut some more tonight too :smoke:

    clones are awsome. they save you tons of time, they are guarenteed female, the genetic traits are guarenteed (for when you find that killer plant) start practicing cloning soon, its a very valuable method. :D

  8. i have done the stasis thing several times. i even put some in a cooler and drove cross country with them. just get a gallon ziplock and put a couple inches of ph'd water in there to keep the cut ends wet. blow air into the bag and close it. put the bag in your fridge and blow fresh air into the bag every few days. you can keep them that way for about a month.

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