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  1. I am growing three Super bud Auto's and I need to apply cal-mag however I accidentally purchased 4-0-0 should I dilute it down to 1/2 or even 1/4 strength like the other nutrients Or well they tolerate the full strength?
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  2. why do you need to apply cal-mag?
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  3. I have some hot spots on some of the tips and edges of my fan leaves.
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  4. what is your growing medium? how old are your plants? pictures? I would be hard pressed to think cal-mag is a fix for your potential problem.
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  5. A pic would help.
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  6. I'm out and about right now but I need to try and finish this conversation with you. I hope you and I can meet up hear In an hour and a half or so? I'm relatively new at growing cannabis but I really want to get it right or as close to as possible.
    I can answer most of your questions:
    coco core, perlite, worm castings is my medium.
    Three and half weeks old are there age.
    I want to add that some of the new growth, the leaves are twisting upside down.
    It is super bud auto witch is Indica dominant and all the literature says that the leaves on indica dominate strains tend to be darker in color?
    PH is at 6
    As soon as I get home I'll shoot you a pic and maybe you could help a brother out?
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  7. What is your water source?
    What nutes are you using?
    What is your feeding schedule?
    Do you give plain water?
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  8. Carbon filtered tap water
    Growth Science Nutrients
    3/4 gallon H2O every 3 days or until pots are mostly dry (cool to touch not wet) I've only given one feeding at 1/4 strength
    Straight H2O except for that one feeding of nutrients.
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  10. 20221111_124302.jpg 20221111_124213.jpg 20221111_124131.jpg 20221111_124129.jpg 20221111_124055.jpg 20221111_124052.jpg

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  11. These are the the photos of my super bud Auto's maybe you can help me with some thoughts?
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  12. Worm castings is not a complete fertilizer for plants......and coco contains nothing.
    You need to feed them.
    Also, coco should never get dry, ever.
    I feed my coco daily to run off in veg and twice a day in flower.
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  13. Looks more like nutrient burn nothing like calmag deficiency
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  14. Your growing in organic material /compost = nutrients

    What are the white specs ?
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  15. Using an ionizer humidifier. (Causes) hard water crystallization.
    Compost, peat, worm castings, perlite(sand) @ 1:100 ratio for better aeration
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  16. I thought you said you were in coco.......
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  17. I did,
    I think I may have not said it the right way. I excluded it from the next thread, ( not intentional) I simply didn't add coco in it.
    Man I'm sorry my bad
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  18. Your already growing in compost/ nutrients, why are you adding more nutrients?
    Leafs are already showing slight nutrient burn
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  19. I'm a FNG I want to thank you all for your knowledge. I've learned something today
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  20. Not totally sure that's nute burn, but could be. I'd just give plain water for a while and see what happens. I'd also get a cheap ppm meter and ph test kit (just a cheap dropper kit) and see how much dissolved solids you have. If your tap water is very high ppm and over 8 ph, it could be your issue. I'm unable to use my tap water. It is way too alkaline (8.35!), so ph down doesn't help. I have to use RO water and add back minerals with kieserite and gypsum which gets me back to a good 6.5-7 ph range. Once you've tested your water, if it tests good, you can tuck the meter and test kit away and forget about it, but it's good to know what you're starting with. I know many people do just fine with tap water with organic grows. My tap water just sucks (tastes delicious though!).

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