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Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by WA-grower, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. Hi journal boards,

    Quick question;

    Would you rather read a grow journal that is already completed, start to finish in the first post, or read one that is posted in the beginning of the grow and is updated off and on?

    I have a journal in the works ~75% done and I was just curious!:hello::smoking:
  2. it has to be ongoing, that's the point really imo
  3. :cool:
  4. I feel we can skip large parts of the vegging, it's usually pretty boring when done with problems.
    Germing, seedling or flowering stage updated every few days so progress is obvious on the pictures.
    Personally I don't like grow journals with hundreds of replies, I just don't have to time to read through them all and thus they lose their value for me.
  5. I'm the opposite. While it can be taskign to wade through pages of replies I like to see all of the little details and changes that go into the grow. I like to see ther problems and how they fix them and the differences in individual plants. I liek ot read everyones comments and questions as alot of them might be the same ones I have.

    Though I may be different cuz I'm a n00b at this and alot of the journals around her are learning experiences too.
  6. Wow, very good replies around.

    Looks like everyone likes to see them ongoing. Ill get mine up soon :D Look for it!:D:bongin:

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