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quick pipe

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by apapier12, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. so tomorrow im gonna be watching over my sister while my parents are out so it will be a perfect time to blaze in my house... only one problem... i dont have enough weed to roll a joint with and all my pieces are confiscated at the moment. people say to me all the time that smoking pot makes you stupid and dumb but that is completely wrong. i know some stoners that are more creative then 95% of the non-smokers that i know. so my question to all my fellow stoners is what is the best, most efficient, and easiest way to make a quick pipe. sorry if it was a long post im a little high... :smoke:
  2. get an apple. get a knife with a pointy tip. Poke/carve an inhale hole on the middle of the apple (like the equator), then poke a carb hole on the equator (spacing is based on preference). poke some small holes on the top of the apple after you take out the stem. Now check if there is airflow between all the holes, if there is you are good, load the top and smoke. if there isn't good airflow, make it happen. enjoy
  3. If u don't have an apple, tin foil works fine
  4. Yeah i would advise making a tin foil pipe, it's not complicated at all.
  5. i wanna try and get the most out of a little weed also, im thinkin grav bong?

  6. Yeah do that or a apple.

  7. i vote grav bong.
  8. ^^

    Might be too late but what you want to do is make a tin foil bowl (cone shape) and get a paper roll, tape one end shut (you don't have to but youll need to put your hand over it) and then make a hold for the tin foil bowl and your good to go :)
  9. Apple pipe, or carve a bowl out of a carrot, or pear pipe, or lime pipe. I have made all of them, the lime was delicious.
  10. Make a steamroller man.

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