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Discussion in 'General' started by theVirtuoso, Aug 19, 2007.

  1. Well, I lent a friend my bowl for the night and my other friend who was gonna be smoking with them offered me Concerta (Ritalin) and Buproprion (Wellbutrin).

    I have:
    Three 100mg Buproprion

    One 36mg Concerta

    I was already pretty certain I was going to take all the Wellbutrin in one dose. As for the concerta, I'm kinda puzzled... I don't think it will do much to me, so I was wondering what would be the best way to take it? Also, what should I expect then?

  2. One 36mg dose of concerta is more than enough for me :) That's about all the advice I can offer... I'm 160lbs and the onset of the concerta is kind of uncomfortable (flushed, hot, general bad feelings) but once it levels out I'm good. You might want to take half then take the rest an hour or so later.
  3. good to hear! I wasn't expecting an answer like that, thanks man. I won't be taking these for a long while, prolly tomorrow so plenty of time for more suggestions.
  4. ... um yea that concerta wont do shit. for recreactional use id say atleast 108 mg
    i take em every now and then but a 54 doesnt do shit. btw im 5'10" 155lbs so i aint a beast those just aint strong

    **edit- those conerta arent ritalin ritalin is a different drug much much stronger.
  5. *sigh*

    Concerta does nothing to you, it's just like Ritalin- except weaker. You'd have to take an ASSLOAD of it to even cop a buzz.

    And Wellbutrin it an anti depressant, and as all other anti-depressants, does nothing for you.

    You want a real buzz from ADHD meds? Desoxyn or Adderrall. The former is medical-lab grade methamphetamine, the latter a combination of four amphetamine salts. Any other ADHD medicine isn't really worth it.
  6. Well... I took the Concerta at about 3:45, the Wellbutrin (all 3) at 3:50, smoked a bowl at 4, and about to go for a walk at 4:20 for a joint, then coming back for another bowl.

    I'll lechya guys know how it goes... I can feel something coming over me different than a weed high but i cant exactly point it out quite yet. But... either way im feelin pretty damn good. Havent eaten literally all day cuz i was sick so my stomach is empty.

    Im definitely feelin pretty fucked up =D well... im feeling goooooood.
  7. ok now im fucked up :wave:

    Not really from the concerta, but the wellbutrin and weed... i have a pretty damn good euphoria goin right now. :smoking:
  8. Placebo ftw.

  9. no, definitely not placebo...

    its the Wellbutrin that did it, i had a great euphoria for quite awhile... was never really noticeably alert or anything tho, so cross out the conserta, but obviously the weed helped... also, a lot of sounds were MUCH more defined... kinda hard to explain, almost as though the sound came from right next to your ear... i was very noticeably apathetic as well.

    im sorry to sound mean piper... but you obviously havent done your research.

    Concerta is a whole nother story,

    but Wellbutrin is in a whole other class of anti-depressants... its entirely different from SSRIs such as citalprolam or sertraline. (celexa, lexapro, zoloft, etc...)

    It is a stimulant and also used to fight off nicotine addiction.

    Taking a higher dose creates exactly what i had last night... euphoria, apathetic, and whatnot.

    Do some actual reading before you start presenting things as facts...

    Like most anti-depressents they act on your Serotonin, which has been believed to act on your mood... unlike those SSRIs, Wellbutrin uptakes the dopamine and norepinephrine.

    now, if you know anything about dopamine, you know it is a very good ingredient for euphoria.

    also, to add to one of your earlier posts... I have done adderall and speed... iv tweaked plenty of times. All concerta is, like stated before... a weaker ritalin, but it is still ritalin, just a smaller dosage. I'm guessing 2 of the 36mg i would be feeeling it, and 3 i would be tweaking pretty good.
  10. Not sure why, but I don't think amphetamines and anti-depressants are too good of a mix...

    hell maybe contera isn't a true amphetamine, I don't know and I am, admitibly, too stoned and lazy to look it up right now.
  11. no concerta and ritalin arent amphetamines
  12. concerta doesn't do shit to me. i think i get more of a buzz from drinking a glass of water than taking some concerta.
  13. Well, even amphetamine-like drugs prolly shouldnt be used with anti-depressants. Jus dsounds like a recipe for death

  14. dude ur gonna feel like shit if u take wellbutrin.... its not like takin valium or other barbituates. its a MAOI (anti-depressant) and not a tranquilizer. trust me.... i took wellbutrin for 2 years. and concerta isnt exactly ritalin. its like stratera(spelling) for adderol. stratera does the same thing for add kids but WITHOUT the amphetemine. i dont know if concerta is exactly the same but i would just get some xanax and coke.

    if ur gonna do it anyway DO NOT RAIL IT!!! wellbutrin will make ur nose bleed and concerta is formulated to turn into a gooey mess when the insides come in contact with moisture.

    be careful with pharmies.

    and the high your feeling is a mix of weed and placebo. perhaps the overdose of wellbutrin released a little dopamine... but not much. (dopamine is the chemical releaseb by your brain telling u ur happy). wellbutrin is prescribed for deppression but the FULL AFFECTS TAKE ONE MONTH!! not a couple of hours. ur more likely to physically overdose than get high.

    yea... and ritalin is 1000000x stronger than stratera/concerta. concerta was made for kids who couldnt handle the upper high of the ephedra-type drug. they are not stimulants and dont give the shit side affects like sleeplessness/restlessness, nausea, extreme loss of appetite, horrible taste in mouth and cuases u to taste things differently, headache.... blah blah.

    i know its too late but dont do it again
  15. I have done my research, sir- Anti depressants, overall, are not worth taking for recreation, as I stated before. Erowid, Wiki, Drugs.com... I know exactly how anti depressants work, and while you may get a mild buzz from the increased uptake of seratonin, dopamine, etc.- They're still just an anti-depressant, and not recreationally valuable. That's the only real point I was trying to make. Not trying to start any shit... Just saying.. ADP's aren't worth it. Too many other hazardous side effects.

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