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  1. so i know my ph is around 7, i just bought a huge bag of lime... like HUGE, my pots are about 8 in diameter and about 10 in high, im wondering how much lime to use to bring the ph down to 6.7ish

  2. test the PH of the water your feeding it until it gets to 6.5 and then water it thoroughly. To bring the PH of the water down just add small amounts, with things like PH a little goes a long ways...
  3. so i add the lime to the water? hmmm i was under the impression that i was supposed to add it to the soil... oh well good thing i asked. so i add it to the water until the ph gets to my desired level and water throughly, and just keep repeating until the end?
  4. buy some pH UP and pH Down. Pour the ph down in your water until desired number, no need for more lime
  5. the reason i bought lime is because ive searched high and low for "ph up" and "ph down" and found NOTHING so please dont tell me to go get something other than what i have.
  6. In a pinch you can use vinegar to lower the PH. A little goes a long way.
  7. wait, someone please help...
    i just mixed some lime with water and my ph meter said the ph went up??? i thought lime was supposed to make it go down, should i just stick with lemon juice to reduce ph? if possible can i have a quick reply, i dont like the browning edges of my babies
  8. hey, if your ph went up then put a drop of vinegar in it and check the ph again... keep doing that till the level is where you want it, basically the things that are in the lime and stuff wont hurt your plant so you can make as many adjustments as you want to the water without them being hurt to dont be scared to play around with the ph levels after a while you figure out 1 drop of ph downnn drops the ph of a 700 ml jar about .7 ph... it really just takes practice to learn how to do these kinds of things

    EDIT: I just re-read that and it didnt make sense to me so sorry if it doesnt make sense
  9. dolomite lime has a neutral ph of 7. It won't bring your ph down unless it's higher than 7.

    Also gradually reduce your ph. Your plants will lock up if you try to adjust your soil ph in one day. Should be a week - 2 week task.

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