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quick percocet question

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by tarheelblue, Oct 21, 2008.

  1. got a M360... will I get higher on an empty stomach or should I take it with a full stomach like I have now?

    mainly taking it to get some sleep I need...

  2. always take pills with food
  3. thanks man, where are you in NC?

    I was born in Lumberton (shit hole I know)

    graduated from Chapel Hill
  4. Right outside of Cary, in Holly Springs
  5. not empty, not full, but take it with like 1/4 full.
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    you will get higher on an emptier stomach

    that goes for pain killers, anti anxieties and muscle relaxers

    and dont eat for a couple hours afterwards either it will kill the high

    believe me I've been doin this stuff for hella years
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    oxycodone is notorious for making people throw up on empty stomachs. Rather be high than sorry right?

    It will keep your stomach stable but drink a tall glass of water too. Because it doesnt happen to you doesnt mean it wont happen to someone else.

    But if you want to risk throwing up to get higher OP then go for it on an empty stomach.
  8. I've taken 3 7.5mg percs all at once on an empty stomach and never felt even a little bit of nausea.. same thing goes for hydro. It all depends on the person I guess. I say take them on an empty stomach if you want to get the most out of the pills and if you start to feel nausea.. just eat some food. Have fun :wave:

  9. I didnt mean it would get you higher, but when taking a lot of pills you should always take it with food to avoid nausea and upset stomach, in some cases vomiting.
  10. Actually you should eat first, wait like 20-25 minutes after you eat then take the percocet, otherwise if you take it and eat, you dont get as faded, same goes if you eat after.

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