QUICK oxy question

Discussion in 'General' started by nushaganazad, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. i just snorted an 80 oxy and chewed one up, its my first time....is this too much? enough to od? lol
  2. damn dude that sucks, i kinda liked your posts. shame.

    edit: youll be fine.
  3. hha u bastard! U SCARED ME FOR A Sc lol
  4. youre going to be in for a ride, but youll be fine. You will most likely get very nausous and dizzy so be prepared. What caused you to take so much for your first time man? nothing you can do about it now but damn, thats a lot for even people that have been doing it for a bit.

    I think my first time i did 20 or 40 mg's. But back then my suply wasnt nearly as consistant. Now i can get whatever pharm i want for $5 a bottle. Best deal ive ever heard on anything but this man thats a like a second father to me has all these medical problems and he is in constant, total pain. So since he likes smoking more, he gives me his pills and just picks up new ones when i run out.
    Tottaly highjacked this thing sorry man.
  5. ^^ yea dude oxy is hardcore. i dont see how old people who get prescribed that can handle it. if im gonna feel nauseas i want to feel a rush, but oxy just makes me sick.
  6. To be honest, as someone with low tolerance I would think you'd be almost violently sick from all that...
  7. lol....thats kinda a stupid question to ask after you ate and snorted it.......maybe next time you should ask before you take the drug
  8. ya man i hope that was like a joke or somethin, cuzz your definatly in for a harsh ride.
  9. your gonna puke, no question, then possibly pass out, have fun.

    hell i'll puke off a 20 joint.
  10. Here's a dumb question, Oxy? Whats oxy? what kinda trip? hallucination?
  11. pain killer
  12. well, people have died from sniffing 80mg's of oxycontin their first time, so thats one strike against you, plus you crushed another one up n ate it, thats strike 1 n a half, but i dunno, i've shotup 40mg's of oxycontin followed by another 40mg's 10 minutes later n thought i OD'd cuz thats like an 80 shot of nitrous into your blood stream, didnt puke though, jus got really hard to breathe and move, but then again i'm like a machine or somethin so if your still alive in a hour post again

  13. it's been an hour...no post back, either he's throwing up, forgot about everything, can't get up, or didn't make it...
  14. lol its been 12 hours man that shit was posted EARLY in the morning
  15. Haha, Kids Dead!
  16. Wow I really hope hes ok...
  17. Hope he's OK!
  18. he was alright while i was talking to him, said it wore off really quick and he was sober again before i went to bed :smoke:
  19. I still think he might be joking, i dont think anyone would ever do that especially thier first time, and i doubt he would spend that much money on it too.
  20. you'd think so, but then again you don't know much about nush now do you :p

    pills were tossed in with what he got since the dude didnt have the amount of coke he wanted

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