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  1. Getting ready to start my first CoCo grow. I just got my COCOTEK FINE FIBER(brick) . I wanted to know If you guys know how fine it is or use it . I would like to rinse it(if I have to) but am alil worryed that if its to fine it will filter out with the water.

    I also have to my nute line up.

    Blue Mountain Organics full line up
    Botanicare Grow & Bloom
    Botanicare Cal-mag Plus, Sweet, Clearex

    I will add some SuperThrive & Calmag Plus to my coco when done with rinse.

    Any help will be good.

  2. get an ol pillow case...throw that brick in there and rinse the hell out of it lol...the coir you have is not so fine that it will wash away...it kinda has a consistency like used coffee grinds...looking forward to see your results and progress good luck!!
  3. My first coco grow is under way. This stuff is really idiot proof and versatile. It can be as sticky or loose as you want it depending on how wet you keep it. It holds water well, but needs a well drained pot or bag. I shoot for 25% runoff per watering and feeding. You have to work with it to get the drainage and moisture correct but it's real forgiving.

    I find that 1lb (.5kilo) of compressed coco makes 1 gal(3.8liters) of damp stuff. I just break it up into a five gallon bucket add water and wait about an hour. Then I pour it into a five gal. bucket with holes drilled in the bottom. I let it pee for a few hours, then let it sit for four or five days.

    I'm hand watering my 4 buckets. Using the Canna A B per their feeding schedule. Even with my low rent techniques the results are dramatic. Be prepared for real healthy plants with no nut or ph problems. My shit is scaring me it has grown like crazy since the lights went out. Fucking flowers everywhere. Be warned.
  4. I drain my coco in a 5 gal bucket w/ holes as well. I also find that a piece of screen cut to fit the bottom helps it drain faster.

    One cool thing I discovered to help rinse it faster is to tie hang it from a tree and swing it back and forth. Sounds retarded, but I can get it pretty dry in a very short amount of time that way.
  5. I've read that the coco you get theses days doesn't need rinsing?:wave:
    I've never rinsed mine either?:eek:
  6. These days you don't have to rinse like you once did. That is for the gardening grade coco though. The stuff in the pet store seems to not be rinsed and very salty from other's reviews on it. :wave:
  7. Thanks, MrsEd . I've been wondering if I had it right. I've not yet had any problem starting right off. ;)

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