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  1. Ok, i was able to trouble shoot the problem with my grow from searching on the forum but i still have a quick question for you guys with experience.

    I was dealing with really slow stunted growth for the last 3 weeks and didnt know what the problem was.

    It turned out to be a combination of having the plant under the wrong type of CFL's and the soil having nutes premixed in(miracle grow).

    Anyways, i got it under some correct CFL lighting and the last few days it has made more progress then the entire 2 and a half weeks prior. Its a nirvana short rider, feminized auto. I know these are noctorious for not auto flowering so i'll cross tha bridge when i come to it. Anyways, i got it on a 18/6 lighting schedule now.

    What i want to know, is if the stunted growth i was dealing with the first several weeks going to permanently fuck this plant or will it recover fine without any issues?

    In terms of current growth, its almost like the plant is 2 weeks behind where it should be because of the issues i had, but it looks extremely healthy now, just small.

    I want to make sure that it will grow large and healthy now that i got my shit together. I dont want to waste my time if its a lost cause..
  2. you may not get the max potential yield of a plant that was healthy its whole grow cycle but by no means is your plant a lost cause just cuz its smaller. If she stays healthy thru flowrring you should still get a decent amount of nice buds. Do you have any pics to share to give us a better idea of where shes at?
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    here ya go. as you can see the plant is very small for how old it is. tomorrow it will be 3 weeks old since the seedling broke ground, the majority of the growth occured over the last week.
  4. sorry, had an issue with the upload. pics are now up

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  5. the lower leaves had some yellow tips which i believe was some nute burn, but as you can see, the other leads look healthy.

    I'm just not sure about the stunted growth and how its going to affect this plant...
  6. nothing to do but just keep her happy n let her do her thing. Hopefully she grows up quite a bit before flowering
  7. ^ thanks bro. i'm going to put her under more cfl's asap to hopefully help boost her growth since the beginning was so slow.
  8. keep me updated on her, if you need any more help u are welcome to message me anytime :wave:
  9. heres some updated pics. she's doing well, but still behind as far as growth is concerned. also looks kind of "lanky" if you ask me.

    I've seen pics of peoples plants on the forum that were 2-3wks old and much bushier then this one.

    this is 5 weeks since the seed actually sprouted(broke ground). nirvana short rider feminized...

    let me know what you think.

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  10. its only been 2 weeks since the last pics i posted and that looks like decent growth to me. i guess i just have to count out the first few weeks as lost time because i had the plant under the wrong type of lights. basically i'm set back about 2-3wks from where the overall growth should be...
  11. Looks like it's growing real good now, it's about the size my clone was when I got it and that was at 2 weeks.
  12. can you show us a pic of the container its in? looks a bit shallow to grow weed through flowering.
  13. your right, it is a fairly shallow pot. cant take a pic now, but i'd say its only 2-3in deep. is it worth transferring to another pot at this point?

    I was looking at it today and pistals are already developing on the top of the plant and inbetween the branches. Not sure if its just going to flower and produce very little buds or if i can force it to grow larger before that happens.
  14. you could repot er you can leave her alone n see what comes of it. in the future tho, the pots should be deeper then they are wide.
  15. ^ will do. i have another seed to grow so i'll use a different pot for that one.

    right now the plant is just under a foot tall and it is auto flowering.

    i've read alot of mixed reviews on nirvanas short rider and how it doesnt autoflower but this one is. i've had it under a 18/6 lighting schedule since it broke ground and havent changed it at all.

    it'll be 6 weeks from when it broke ground tomorrow.
  16. updated pics so you can see what i'm talking about

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  17. alright, i'm a fuckin idiot. LOL

    once the plant started flowering i threw it into a 12/12 photoperiod. I guess you are not supposed to do that with auto's(from what i've researched on the forums). So i should have just left it at 18/6.

    It was only at 12/12 for a week so hopefully it wont fuck things up to bad.

    Right now the plant is about a foot tall and the buds are growing. i put more cfl's over it to hopefully increase bud size and yield.

    this grow has been a crap shoot since day 1 because i'm completely new to this and learning as i go. I have 1 more seed to germinate, and hopefully i'll have much better success with that one.

    Its looking like i am going to get some smoke out of this, but very little. Regardless, you can see the buds have grown since the last pics i've posted a week ago.

    questions/comments/tips are welcome!

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  18. updated pics about 3 wks of flowering. say what you want about nirvana, but my shit autoflowered and it's producing some nice nugs. i didnt even know what the fuck i was doing during this grow and it looks like i'll get some nice smoke out of it. plant is a foot tall and smells nice and skunky. so far the smell hasnt been overpowering and i've been able to cover it up with scented candles and spray. probably because its so small.

    i'm going to get a microscope so i can watch the tricombs but by looking a the pics, let me know about how much longer you think it has before being ready to harvest.

    comments welcome, peace.:smoke:

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  19. Looks good bro..........way to go on solving your probs. I'm kinda guessing.......I dont know autos..........but at least two-three weeks from the look of her.
    peace B

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