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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by farside12, Nov 19, 2002.

  1. Hi there,

    I have posted some threads recently with some questions I need answered, but everyone seems to have gone silent!

    I have a question I NEED answered by tomorrow if possible:

    I have just convinced my wife that an HPS light is a necessity. I have the option of getting one from a guy on ebay who says he's from Inside Sun Company. He has over 500 positive remarks and only 7 negative (not all for the lights).

    It will cost 90 US dollars for the light + 25 dollars shipping. Here's the description:

    "READY TO PLUG INTO HOUSEHOLD CURRENT!!! This auction is for a used 400 watt hps abolite highbay that i have built into a very nice grow light. The ballast housing is brand new but the ballast inside is refurbished. They have a plastic handle which makes them very easy to move around. The power cord is about 4 feet long and the cord from the ballast to the reflector is 10 feet. I have over 100 of these so if you would like me to list a larger quantity of them on ebay email me at m3i6k0e@aol.com. The sides of the housing have slots which comprise 20% of the total surface allowing removal of heat generated from inside the unit which promotes longer ballast life. The ballast inside is multitap but wired for 110/120 volt. Buyer pays $25 shipping and handling."

    Does it sound like a good deal? Will it matter much that the ballast is refurbished rather than new?

    Please answer ASAP!

  2. http://www.insidesun.com/cgi-bin/ws...y&setup_value=1&cleanup=n&item_id=IS-PL90-400

    try that one...quite cheap!!....or if you want a new one you can buy it from a local industrial lighting company......just say it's for you're work.....give a false name and address and pay cash....allways cash.....i got a brand new 400hps with enclosed ballast for £80...i think that's about...$120

    hope that helps you....Peace out....Sid
  3. Thank you Sid for your quick response. Does anyone else have any comments on either the light I wrote about or the one Sid suggested? I have to decide by tomorrow (before the wifey changes her mind)?

    attached is a pic of the one on ebay for reference purposes..

    Thanks again Sid, and to those who also reply with any help.


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  4. nough said.

    its amazing how many grown men leave home only to seek out another mommy to move in with. can never trust a maried man... analyze it... test it... challenge it, but its the truth.

    hope you get a good deal on your light ...
    take care...
  5. Was actually a joke Sui, but that's ok. I just got my light ordered and should bv here soon! I'm so excited!

    The bulb is supposed to be brand new and many of the local hardware/home improvement stores carry 400 W HPS bulbs at low cost. :D

    Thanks for all the input everyone!


    By the way, I'll post the next update pics in another day or so..They are both looking great, and smell even better!
  6. Let us know how it works bud!

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