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    Quick Microwave & Freezer
    & Cure Fresh Bud Method

    Step One: Take the amount of bud you want to dry, and put it on a ceramic microwavable plate.

    Microwave cooking time may vary, depending on how much bud you have on your plate.

    For this Process though I will use about a 1/4 oz as an example.

    Step Two: Find the Fresh Fruit cooking button on your microwave. If you don't have a fresh fruit button. Then you will have to decrease cooking time by 35-40% using your regular most powerful setting.

    For 1/4 Oz of Bud, you will need to Cook it for 12 seconds on fresh fruit setting. Or 7 seconds on your most powerful setting.

    Now take the plate out of the microwave, and go place it in the freezer, leave it in the freezer for 1:30 seconds. Open the freezer and let it air out for 20 seconds so moisture doesn't accumulate. A fan will help speed up the process of clearing moisture out of your freezer to ensure it's dry as possible.

    You want to repeat this process about 6-10 times. Times will vary, so check the weed every time you take it out of the freezer to test it's texture and moisture content This will take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, depending on how much bud your drying/dehydrating.

    Why does this method work? For one thing, the whole point of a quick dry, is to get some smokable bud, either to sample your plant, or just the need to get high.

    The whole point is to heat the weed just long enough, that just a little moisture is released, so that you don't damage or degrade the thc content. Most microwavable methods don't work, because people end up cooking their weed. YOU DO NOT WANT TO COOK WEED.

    Even 20 seconds, for a 1/4 oz is way too long, by that time, the microwave has already began to cook your bud.

    But 12-14 seconds, on fresh fruit setting allows enough time for the microwave to heat up the weed at a temperature low enough that just a little bit of moisture is released, without actually cooking the weed.

    It won't even really feel warm or even that moist to the touch, "barley" which is what you want. If it does feel too warm you'll know. On a scale of Very Hot, Hot, Medium Hot, Medium, Medium Warm, Warm, Low Warmth, Room Temperature, and Cold. You want Low Warmth,

    if it feels too warm then reduce the number of seconds by 2 each succeeding process, until it feels right. In each succeeding process, I mean every time you take it out of the freezer, let it air out for a second, then repeat the process of putting it in the microwave.

    It's not an exact Science. It's an Art. Because every microwave is a little different, as so is every freezer. The point of the Freezer is to suck out all the moisture that was released from the microwave heating it to low warmth, and to do it fast, so the moisture that's released dosen't just linger in the bud.

    You want the moisture out of the bud as fast as possible. Leaving it in the freezer for a good 1:20 seconds, ensures that the trichomes have cooled off enough, that the weed can be handled, it also ensures that almost all, if not all the moisture is sucked out of the bud. It's best to fan out the freezer, especially if your quick drying a huge plate of bud. Keep it as dry as possible in the microwave and freezer. Fan out both if you need too, and wipe any moisture or condensation from the side walls of either the freezer or microwave.

    But it does work. Trust me. With this method, you can get it to the perfect smoking texture, moisture content and consistency.

    NOTE: After pulling it out of the microwave, DO NOT TOUCH THE WEED. You do not want to disturb with the Trichomes even when they are in a very low warmth state. When you pull it out of the freezer, allow it to air for about 15-20 seconds. Then gently with a butter knife, or fork, carefully flip buds over, or readjust them to receive equal exposure on all sides for gentle heating, and fast cooling. :smoke:

    If you need to test the temp of the weed by touch, when taking it out of the microwave. Leave a small sample pinch of bud, slightly separated from the main batch, that you use just for that purpose.

    Where did I hear about this method, you ask? Nowhere. It's just common knowledge to me, from being a Microwavable Food Connoisseur for so many years, lol. Rarely any microwavable food comes out just right, from the microwave. Usually everything you cook in the microwave, ends up a little on the sweaty or soggy side.

    I've been throwing my microwavable meals in the freezer after cooking for years, to get rid of all the extra moisture and condensation that microwaving causes. It's usually frozen foods that cause this, because as the microwave cooks a frozen dinner, from a frozen state, without thawing, all the ice accumulation just melts into water vapor and sweats up the microwave.

    But a microwave is just a cooking box with poor ventilation, so even without ice accumulated frozen dinners, it's still going to become a sweat box for anything you throw in there with a high moisture content. Fresh Bud has a high moisture content.

    If you want proof, cook a piece of toast in a toaster. Now take the toast and throw it in the microwave for 30 seconds. Is the toast soggy? No, because you already dehydrated it, by cooking it in a toaster. Now throw in regular slice of bread, and cook it in the microwave for 30 seconds. Is the bread toasty? No, it's just a warm soggy piece of bread now.

    Now throw the warm soggy piece of bread in an ice cold freezer, and you can literally see the moisture escaping. It's also escaping faster than it would, if you just left it out at room temperature. There's a reason why people get dry and cracked chapped lips and hands in the winter, way more than they do any other season.

    How many times you have repeat this process before your bud is to the right consistency is highly variable, and is up to you to factor in all the variables as you go along. Like I said before, it's an Art, not an exact science.

    This is in Essence a Fast Dehydration process.
    If you want to try out an experiment yourself as an example without using or wasting any bud.

    Then take 1 Slice of bread, place it on a ceramic microwavable plate, and nuke it for 25 seconds.

    Take it out of the microwave, using a second plate, flip the bread over onto the second "room temp plate". Throw it into the freezer and let it dry for a good minute and a half.

    Take it out of the freezer, and repeat the process.

    In about Five or Six repeated steps, the bread will become dry and crispy as toast. But will show no burn marks on it, or any signs of cooking, or significant degradation.

    It will in essence, just be a dehydrated slice of bread. Not toast.

    The steps I gave to use, for the bud. Are a little more gentler on the weed, than what I suggest you use for the Bread Experiment. Because you are using a way shorter cooking time. Thus meaning you have to repeat more processes, but it's also much gentler on the bud.

    The Picture below is of a Slice of Dehydrated Bread on the left, and a normal slice of bread on the right. The slice on the left, looks no different than the slice on the right, except that it is slightly smaller, from being dehydrated, and the fact that it is hard as toast, but not quite crispy as toast. It still has some moisture content in it. I would even suggest, if you want to be Gentler on your bud. You reduce the cooking time on regular power to 5-8 seconds, depending on the size of the batch you are drying. To dehydrate this piece of toast, it only took me 4 repeated steps, using 25 seconds regular power on the microwave, and 1:30 seconds in the freezer, and gently flipping and airing it out in room temperature for 20 seconds in between. With bud though, use way shorter cook times, fan out the moisture in both the freezer and microwave, and air out bud and gently rearrange in between freezer and microwave steps, for a good 1 minute. Make sure you alternate between plates every cycle, and that the moisture on the plate from the last cycle is disposed of. If you want to be conservative and try to collect the moisture with little amounts of thc and bud particles, go ahead. Or just lick the plate clean, and dry it off with a paper towel.

    The other picture is of my dog, intently staring at the bread, and salivating. I told him, he could eat them, after I got done taking pictures. Which he did.

    Only with the bud though. Don't put it onto another plate straight out of the microwave. Coming straight out of the microwave, you want to disturb the thrichomes as little as possible. After it comes out of the freezer, gently put it on a cool dry plate, and rearrange it, and let it air out in room temperature for a good minute.
    Also, I said previously, that a minute and half for cooling in the freezer, using 1/4 oz of bud as an example. I think doing 2 - 3 minutes would suffice better for the cooling part of the cycle instead of just 1:30 seconds, and ensure even more moisture is pulled away from the bud, and speed up the process slightly faster. If you plan on drying a full plate of bud, still don't microwave it for longer than 20 seconds. Make sure the bud is spread out in an even layer across the plate. 20 Seconds should be the max and only used for the largest batch. For the smallest batches, a dime or less, 5-7 seconds is optimum. The smallest batches will take ten minutes to complete, the largest batches can take up to an hour and a half.

    When you've finished, and have gotten to a satisfied quality your looking for. If you've dried more than you plan to smoke in one sitting. Store the rest in a mason jar or prescription pill bottle, inside your refrigerator's Vegetable drawer.

    Revised Method. Any amount, Microwave for only 5-6 seconds. Put it in the freezer for 2:30 seconds. Then set it out in open room temperature for 3 minutes. Before repeating the process. This revised method is much gentler on the buds. Without over heating. Leaving it out in open air, ensures that any water crystallization is thawed before putting it back in the microwave, so no vaporization occurs. Be sure to alternate plates between cycles, because of condensation. Microwavable paper plates with a wax coating comes in handy for this.

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  2. I vote for stickie

    nice guide :)
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    Thanx, who stickies threads btw? Admins?

    Also as a little side note. This is just a quick dry method to get some good smokable bud, really fast, and as far as I can tell, won't affect the quality of the high.

    I wouldn't recommend to anyone to dry their whole crop out, using this method. A slow dry method is always the best for a large crop to ensure it will retain it's optimal strength, potency for long periods of time, while also ensuring a better overall flavor.
  4. Bud and microwave= No no.

  5. Yeah, I know. I'm not suggesting anybody cook their whole crop in a microwave.

    Read my whole process. I do not suggest Nuking your bud at all.

    I'm only suggesting this as a quick, easy method, to dry a little bit of bud into smokable form, when you have no other options to get high.

    From all the other quick dry methods out there, I can say this is the safest, and one of the quickest.

    If you have your own crop, and are willing to sacrifice 2 grams of bud, try it out, and you'll be surprised.
  7. Great guide my friend. Plus reputation for sure.

    I'm actually going to go try this with bread.
  8. "won't affect the quality of the high. "
    I just don't believe that, Have you smoked a microed bud next to one that was dried the right way. How did you come up with that?

  9. Oh, well yeah. My method will still get you super high, with a good strain. But yeah, I don't suggest anyone dry out a whole crop using my method. As I stated before, a slow proper dry, and curing is the best method for drying a crop.

    For some quick smokable bud though. This is an excellent method.

  10. Cool, + rep back at ya, for keeping an open mind. Tell me how the Experiment goes. :cool:
  11. Anybody try out the Bread Experiment yet?
  12. i have a dumb question.... why dry it at all?

    i have, on a few occassions ran out of smoke when im close to harvest and plucked a bud off like it was an apple, trimmed it up, cut it up, stuffed it in my bong and blazed it up as is... I grow organically, so its not harsh, and it does the job....
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    It's good to dry it at least a little. So it smokes like normal weed. Any fresh herb is gonna be a little bit harsh. If it's not, then send me some of that. Plus it doesn't burn very evenly when the bud are still composed of 70 percent water.

    It's amazing the political differences from Colorado and Kansas, two states right next to each other. Colorado has fairly laxed weed laws don't they? Or medicinal laws anyway. Kansas Zilch.
  14. its also decriminalized.... theres a measure up right now to make posession under an oz just a buck.... lol

    but yeah, my wet weed burns about the same as "properly" prepared stuff... but all you gotta do is grow organically IMO. The only difference is the high, and i attribute it to not being 100% ready.
  15. microwaves are pure radiation:(
  16. Anyone tried this yet? I'm thinking of giving it a shot on my just-finishing buds, just so I'll have something for the holiday.

  17. If you get it just right, it works.
  18. to all who are worried about the mirowave part of this method, microwaving for short periods of time does not ruin your bud. i made some butter a couple days ago out of some vaped weed using the microwave and it worked great.

    to OP, thanks. i'm not personally interested in growing my own at the moment but a friend of mine might find this pretty useful, i'll have to show it to him.

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