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  1. Ok... apparently I still have time to pay for college. Sadly I don't have any dollars to do so.

    Currently I am unemployed so I can't get a cash advance or anything(I'd need more money than that anyway), I need approx. 800$ does anyone know any good loan operations I could go to?

    Fuck I was even thinking about going to the one Gary Coleman advertises(cashcall) and it's not too bad... I mean it's really shitty but I actually think I can get a loan from them even without a job which is more than I can say for 90% of loan companies....

    Does anyone know of any decent places? Cashcall's APR was outfuckingrageous which is to be expected but still. Could use some advice here blades...

    Also do you think any of these are better than my other plan which is basically lie to my parents for the semester and pretend like I'm going to school and while I'm doing that get a job to save up for next semester and make up time during the summer session...
  2. why would you have to lie to your parents? you're 18, and paying for college.
  3. man.. you won't get any sort of decent interest rate without employment. You're better off getting a cash advance on a credit card (even if it's 25% interest). Those fast cash deals are scams.

    If you have good credit, then maybe apply for a credit card and grab a cash advance. Just bullshit on the app and say that you have a job and make a good salary.
  4. I actually have something worse than bad credit.... which is no credit -_-

    Although I probably could get a credit card... I was hoping not to go down that alley but if I must I will. August do you have an AIM or something that you could PM so I could discuss this idea with you

    Oh and the reason why I have to lie to my parents the other way, is because I was told my entire highschool I needed scholarships and financial aid to go to college(we dont have much money here) well I got my financial aid, but then I fucked around and lost it. If my parents find out I'll be kicked out, you know the drill
  5. I wouldn't lie to your parents about that, I've seen it happen many times and only bad things have come out of it. IMO, getting a loan is a much better alternative. Maybe when you tell your parents, they can help you out (maybe help you get a loan?). You sure your parents would really kick you out? You got anything to sell on Craigslist?
  6. No sadly... I have nothing to sell. The computer I'm using has the monitor broken, my TVs coaxel was broken off so it can't get cable and even my guitar(which was only worth 150$ to start with) input jack was broken off by a ex friend of mine when he was drunk.... No I don't have anything I can really sell

    As far as not lying to my parents.... ya it's a little late for that. They already think I'm in school and ready to go. I kind of did it with out meaning to... see my financial aid guy told me when I was filling out the appeal that I was 95% going to have the money given to me and I would be ALL SET. Well a day before classes start I get the paper telling me I didn't get it... so yeah...
  7. Well, since you got the letter on such short notice, don't you think your parent's will give you a little bit a leeway? If they won't, you got some pretty tough parents man :( Any grandparents in the picture that might be able to help you out?
  8. the interest rate on the credit card will probably be lower than the check loan places.

    they charge such a high rate just for the purpose of fucking you over and getting you locked in the eternal circle of credit.:(
  9. My parents arent that bad... except about this and drugs... and no sadly I can't say anything to any other member of my family since they ALL talk to each other
  10. Ok guys I have 2 days until all my shit is due

    I've decided to apply for a credit card to pay for it all and I'll fix my credit as soon as possible.

    I need help from someone that HAS gotten a credit card before to walk me through and make sure I'm not fucking myself over...

    Seriously blades I could use some help, if you can help me send me a PM with an AIM/Yahoo/MSN whatever messenger(I have them all) and then we can start talking and hopefully we'll get this settled
  11. whatever you do, dont take a loan from a credit card. you get a ridicious amount of intrest on teh base amount, plus the intrest you get. also dont accept anything mailed to you. go to a few banks and shop around for a good intrest rate, etc, and then u compare them at home and apply to the one which is the best.
  12. instead of trying to apply for a loan, try and talk to your family members and try to get a loan [some may be nice enough to not even make you pay interest.] I needed some extra cash and I asked an uncle of mine [just an uncle, no special connection to him] and he said that he'd float me the cash as long as I worked outside with him a couple times a month.
  13. Can someone please read the damn thread.... I CANNOT ASK MY FUCKING FAMILY TO DO ANYTHING FOR ME ON THIS MATTER


    Mr. Tokes, first off I don't have a ride to these banks so I can only check online. Secondly I have no job so I can't get a loan through a bank, it will most likely have to be through or on a credit card. Thank you for your help though
  14. A credit card is certainly not ideal, but it's a MUCH better option then getting one of those quick loans. Just make sure you pay on time, so your interest rate doesn't skyrocket.
  15. That's what I was figuring

    Penelope do you have any experience with this?
  16. No, I'm sorry, I really don't have any experience with this.

    Have you looked into private student loans (through a bank, not a family member)? They usually require a co-signer though- would it be possible a family member would do that for you? Then you don't have to start paying it back until you graduate, and you'd get the best interest rate.

    Look for credit card with the lowest possible interest rate. They will often have low introductory rates which last for 6-12 months. Some people just keep transferring from card to card to keep the low rate. Don't take a cash advance on the card, as that will often have the highest interest rate. Your school will probably take a credit card directly.

    And if you are able to get a credit card DO NOT USE IT FOR ANYTHING ELSE. Credit card debt sucks. Seriously. Carrying a CC debt for school is one thing... it'll be worth it in the long run, but don't use it for stupid shit. [/mom lecture]
  17. Schools and books are my only plan for the card but thank you very much for the advice

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