Quick list for coco watering system?

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  1. Title about says It all... I am looking or a parts list so I can do a self watering system with coco in smart pots. Any opinions or list you guys have? Also I am wondering about a flood and drain table?
  2. DIY Automatic Watering System for Indoor Cannabis
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  3. copied from a previous reply.

    Pics in my journal.

    Here's my whole setup.

    No drippers needed. I broke the code! With the small pots they got rootbound real quick and it was easy from there. I have the system set to run fast enough that the top of the pot fills with solution quicker than it drains through. this way there are no dry spots in the coco, it gets well soaked. a flood and drain

    heres the setup list

    2, 60 litre heavy duty storage bins (home depot 10$ ea)
    2'x4' flood table, bout 3" deep i think
    2, aquarium water pumps, 396 gph & 260 gph
    1/2 inch rain bird tubing, elbows (amazon)
    4 outlet Beer Gas manifold, (amazon, can find link if you want)
    1/4" ID, 3/8" OD food grade vinyl tubing (canadian tire)
    25 watt aquarium heater
    Digital timer (need to be able to set for 1 min intervals)
    Utility/sump pump
    50' garden hose

    I have it on the following times

    6am, 1min
    6:10am 1min

    2pm, 1min

    10pm, 1 min

    the extra 6am feeding guarantees that the pot gets soaked thru

    run the drain pump once a week, start over

    hope that helps! cheers
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