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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by alpha, Jul 17, 2003.

  1. should work great but look around just alitte bit yes will work in dirt good luck
  2. [​IMG]


    All right, that's what I've decided to use. Will the 150 watt HPS be too much?

    I have to spray it white on the inside and cut holes out for electrical/cooling but other than that I think it'll serve well, right?
  3. standing on end i hope doesnt look tall enough like that i would try something else thats what i think sorry
  4. Even if I trained the plant to grow wide (bushy) it would be too small in the height department?
  5. Let's take a dirt grown plant.

    You're talking about a minimum of 7" pot height, then if you train and supercrop your plant down so you had a plant with several spaced colas, yoo're going to need 4 or 5 nodes of height (8"-12"), hit 12 and 12 and this height is going to double (nowhere near as much as a single cola'd plant but it will still s t r e t c h considerably). So we're already ay 19" before flower add another 12, 31". Then of course you've got to think that because you wnat to use HPS unless you cool that hood you're going to need to leave it a good 6-7" away from the plant. So in total we're talking about 38". About 3 foot.

    3 foot would be what i would say would be a safe minimum to height to grow at with HPS.

    You could get round this if you are willing to sacrifice stealth.

    Buy another of those boxs. Cut a hole in the bottom of the first box for the plant to grow through and use the second as the pot, don't fill the box of soil mix but leave some height for the first few inches of stem growth to occur. When the canopy is above the level of the soil box and place your first box on top.

    If you wanted to be REALLY clever you could cut the bottom of the box you have now into a grid pattern:
    ._. _ _ _

    and grow like a mini scrog. If you were to do this though you would have to have another opening to the box as you would not be able to lift it clear when you needed to work on the plant.

    Hmm, probably a logistical nightmare, hey i'm just thinking ON DEEEEE FLYYY bwoy.

    Just buy another and stack 'em. Problem solved.

  6. All right. I think I have another one around my house somewhere. Thanks.
  7. I measured how tall two of those made and I came up short. (It was about 2 feet or so). I think I might of found something better though.



    I have a little under 3 feet of growing space inside and it is quite deep. Does this look like a better idea?
  8. A+

    Looks great.

    Good luck with the grow.


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