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  1. My 150w HPS will be here tomorrow. I ordered a HPS Hortilux 150w bulb to replace the stock bulb that comes with the lamp.

    I want to have 3 plants in my 2x5x2 cab. I have 5 23 w 5000k's 100w equivs. and 1 125 5200k w equiv daylight one as well. I also have about 6-7 23w about 1650 lumens a piece household cfl's.

    Am i Good on lights? I can remove/add lights at anytime so if i have more than enough for veg and flower let me know! so i can stop worryin about the light part of this.

    also seeds will be here this week so loook for my journal
  2. SO my hps ended up coming today... which its in great shape. works . PERFECT!.

    So i did some research and i think ill be covered with 5 100w CFL's and 1 120w CFL for veg.

    Flower ill kick on the HPS and use a more red spectrumed CFLS probably 4 for support lighting. Should go perfect! What do u guys think? This whole grow is based off of GC knowledge so it would be sick to get some feedback...

    Check out my Indo Journal!
  3. Quick question on the CFLs. Is that actual watts? if not it's like in the neighborhood of 150 actual.
    HPS won't do anything but help in veg also (maybe a little stretch) Overkill on light is a good thing if your budget allows :)
    Figure you want 100w for the first plant and 50w for every one after. Or to be indulgent, 150w per plant >:]
  4. i think i have more than enough light spread. i have about 250 actual watts of CFL's and the 150w HPS.
  5. That's overkill. You're doing it right :)
  6. Bommmby thanks homie. yea we figured overkill would be ok. cause those babies will just soke up the sun.

    I have a 2x5x2 cab.. U think ill be able to lst 2 plants in there? or will they be 2 wide.
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    I think with those dimensions width won't be an issues, but heat may be due to height... Well, lack thereof.

    Edit: Actually, even pure indica like to hit around 4 feet if I'm not mistaken.
    2 1/2 ft a piece of width for two plants sounds good... but even with a 6 inch cool tube layed dead on top you're only left with 18 inches of vertical space. Are you going from clone or seed? I could see this being a very interesting little experiment with either to truely test height restrictions.
    If you can get a pic of your setup I'd love to see that. I can't even visualize it in my head lol.
    Given it's indoors, have you considered ScrOG?
  8. just follow my link. Im actually considering throwin up a scrog net about a foot from the lights.
  9. Well, from the looks of it, that's really doable as a scrog at first glance. Just remember veg to flower your plants will get about 2.5x bigger :yay:
  10. yea basically planned on LSTing 2 of them for veg for a while. that way they can veg longer. WIth the longer veg i can be more careful and LST around my whole pot. since im in no rush for height.
  11. BumpBump Lighting Question!!!

    Alright so check out my journal link for reference.

    But.. i redid my lighting so now i have 6 5000k and one 5500k CFL's in my cab now. I replaced all of my 2000k range ones (since i read those are a flowering light. once i kick on flowering i will switch out all the 5000k's with the 2000k+ ones so ill have 6 23w 2500k CFL's and my 150w HPS on 2 plants. I think im still overkill

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