QUICK Lighting "Q"?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by blowinDRo24, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. I have two Gro lux wide spectrum 40 watt tubes in a fixture
    MY plants appear to be doing well
    Are these lights enough to bring it through the flowering process
  2. how many plants? Obviously the more light the better but my roomie got a good yield with one plant using two 24" floro tubes, which isn't shit.
  3. How many plants?
  4. I have 3 plants in 8 inch pots
    3 sets of 8 inch pots
    Two plants in each pot are about 8-9 inches the third is like 4..im probalby goin to transplant the plants so each plant has a 6 or 8 inch pot
    This is my first time growing i have too many plants already I am thinking i could yield about 6-8 plants under this light and maybe add another fixture of two flouros so there is enough light...first time experimenting and taking good advice..thanks
  5. when they start to get bigger, if you want a good yield from them you'll need more than 80 watts of floros. If you dont want to go the HPS route, just buy a few more of those floros or look into CFL's, they are cheap and you can get alot of lumens out of them in comparison to tubes.
  6. My first 2 indoor grow were done compleatly under 80watts of flouros. I only flowered 2 girls, they yealded about 8grams dry each. That was with no training at all, if I were to do it again i would scrog or lst them.. You won't yeald much, the buds will be lite and fluffy but grown right it will be good bud.

    If you got the money get more lights, If not just stay safe and HAVE FUN, choke with ya later,,,
  7. Yo blow,
    First of all, get those plants in their own container, one plant per pot. They have a high likelihood of dying when they are in the same pot. Also, 6-8 plant is way to many for those lights. One to 2 plants would be more reasonable.
  8. scrog?
    1st them
    what did u mean when u said that
  9. Scrog- Screan of green
    LST- low stress training

    Do a search on both here at the city.
  10. ^^^^^ There you go. good luck
  11. if i get a 3 ft long pot i could tie my plants down and put my floro fixture close to the plants so they dont grow as tall ...would that work
  12. Yes this will work !! good luck
  13. thanks...that sounds like a fucking idea...i thought of tieing the shit down and just making a maze and experiment with it because this is my first grow
    (worry about the female and males later..mostly concerned about the growing-plants are green and have 7 leaves growing plants seem to be doing well so far under the floro fixtre

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