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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by cvwlbk00, Mar 20, 2003.

  1. i just bought a 65 watt power compact light with a rating of 6,825 lumens. will this work for 1-2 plants? the light seems kinda yellow, i thought i needed a whiter-bluish light. thanks
  2. Im not sure what kind of light that is but chances are no there really is no cheap way to grow the K G B the killer green bud you have to make that initial investment but its the kind that keeps paying off
  3. 6k+ lumens from a fluro will grow 1 small plant. u wont get a lot of bud but it will cost u next to nothing to grow it.

    if u want a gud crop then stinkbud is right u gotta get more light.

    as for the colour, its blues for vegin and reds for flowerin ur after and really a good mix of both at all times. if ur light is off spectrum then think of it as putting out 4.5 or 5k of lumens not the 6.8k its rated at as not all the light is useable. yellow aint a bad colour tho.
  4. how many ounces/grams do you think is possible if the plant is going to be 2-2.5 feet? temp is at 80 and humidity is at 45-55%. soil ph is at 6.5 and there is good ventilation. (65 watt power compact with 6825 lumens)

  5. i think with just that 1 fluro then size aint really gonna matter as all u'll b doing is growing 1 big bud at the top of the plant and a few fluffy bits hear and ther on the rest of the plant.

    its hard to give a weight baised only on the light and that ur growing in soil. cud b anything from a 1/4 of a oz if ur unlucky up2 2 oz if u got a good plant and ur a star grower.

    id b happy with an oz off just 1 little light and unknown seed. (wot seed have u got?).

    u may want to get more light when ur into flowering and even then i'd plan to have the plant only 18" when i came to harvest it. any more wud just b a waste of plant food and light.
  6. how tall should i get the plant before i go to a 12/12 cycle? i plan on topping it once there are 4-6 leaves on it and then attempting to train it to grow flatter and shorter. and by the way, i am exerianced in horticulture and aquaculture, so i do have a good idea of what im doing...i just havent ever grown buds before. thanks for all of your help!
  7. if ur gonna top and train then hight wont really b an issue. just think about filling the pool of light that ur plant is gonna have.

    what i wud do is.

    let the plant get old enough so that the root system is fully developed then top at the 4th or 5th nomatter wot the size of the plant. then let the new main shoots grow a bit then top again. so u have 4tops.

    id train them out at right angels giving a H shape when viewed from above. as soon as vegie growth is becoming rapid again id switch to 12/12 and flower.

    have u thought about hydroponics? that cud in this case easy double ur harvest.
  8. how long should i let the 2 shoot that i cut already grow before i top them again? 2 maybe 3 leaves on them?
  9. that depends on the area u want to fill and how bushy ur plant is, but id say let them get past the 2nd node (set of 2 fan leaves) at least.

    after every topping the plant has to recover and put out good growth again.

    how far u cut them back is up2u. by the time of the 2nd topping u shud have a good feel for the plant.
  10. one last question (i hope). how long will it be till i can harvest. my photoperiod is at 20/4 right now. im just looking for a time frame. thanks for all your help
  11. i need to know wot strain they are b4 i can even guess at that. it cud b anything from 6weeks to 16 weeks. if u got the seed outta ur stash then b prepaird to wait 10 to 14 weeks.
  12. or if ur growing from seed then dont 4get that once u do flower u may find that u have bin growin a male, wud b a bit of a bugger that. ive only ever done things like this with clones that i know are female....
  13. clones rule

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