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  1. Do any of you in here know how to use HTML? I am designing this website for my senior project but can't figure out this one code and it's really ruining the layout of my website. If you know anything about HTML please let me know and then Ill explain what the problem iss that Im having.
  2. I may be of some assistance. What is the problem?
  3. I got cha. Just explain it here..

    This whole thread is yours to do with as you please....

    but if youd like....


    HTML Tutorial

    ^ that site will help with almost anything you need if your not into stuff that too complicated. I believe it stops when you start getting into using cookies and data in and out.
  4. Okay, here is the link to my website. http://www.geocities.com/pinkfloyd5434/main.html

    Its no where near finished, but as you can see I have a big description in the mdidle. I made this as an image in Paint because I didn't feel like finding the code for that little divider I made, and writing font code and all that..

    So that bid description in middle is a picture, and ify ou scroll down you can see I have 3 links aligned up on the left. The problem isd, they all go beneath that picture in the middle and I want them to line right up next to the picture.

    I have tried using align coding but since they are image links on the left, its harder or something, and it wont wrap that image. I just want them to be perfectly aligned on the left so they don't have to scroll all the way down to click it..
  5. ok, i see a few things wrong with your code with missing tags. I've fixed a few things here. Use the fixed code and let me know what happens:

    <body bgcolor="Black">

    <center>[​IMG]</center> <----no reason for those to be in the header


    <font size="3" color="red">







  6. Try replacing the centers with aligns. And align things middle left and right
  7. Well we have atleast got some of the little things in the code fixed first. I'll work on it here and get back to you. You'll need to work with <div> tags to get those pics/links on the left hand side. Which can run you into the more advanced stuff.

    Going to grab some chipotle right now. I'll jump on it once I get back. And don't worry. I make websites for a living. We will get you on the right track ;)
  8. haha man thanks a lot you have no ideahow much this means to me right now
  9. Ive been looking at it and it looks like everything would be a lot easier with Vspace Hspace codes.
  10. your code is a bit messed up dude. Give me a minute and I'll fix it for you.

    Also, tell me again what you want. Are you trying to get the three small images stacked on top of each other down the left side of the page?

    ..and we could put the text in their own divs instead of having them as images.
  11. Why not just use XHTML. HTML is a bit dated.

  12. Yeah, thats what I would like. for them to be stacked, but not stacked like touching top to bottom a little space in between, and I want that text in the center too.
  13. Is this what you had in mind? Childhood Obesity

    The html was messed up and you needed to put your style stuff into a stylesheet.

    Use firefox and download the developers toolbar. Then you can check if the html is valid and it'll help with lots of other stuff.

    edit: I'll put a gap between them. Let me know what other changes you want. :)
  14. <html>
    <title>Childhood Obesity</title>

    <style type="text/css">










    The style in the header sets your background color, font color and text size without you having a separate CSS file.

    Try this out. Hope it works :eek:
  15. MyBuddyJebus, what is the "center" tag?
    as in: <center>[​IMG]</center>

    It doesn't validate for me.

    Also, I agree that for a small project like this putting the style stuff on the page is "easier" but soon enough he'll want to rip it out of there and put it in its own file.

    Pinkfloyd5434, take a look at my code. You may link to the images a little different from me but that'll be pretty obvious.

    Grab the css and it should all work for you.

    Let me know if you wanted anything different. I'll check back in later toninght. GL!
  16. The <center> tag is just a easy way to get his txt image in the center of the page while being in the div tag. It may not validate but since this is just a senior project for him it is not necessary. I doubt his teacher will check his coding :D And for now it is easier to just style everything in the page. I'm sure he would rather learn about CSS later than trying to apply it now.
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    true, you're probably right.
    ..just curious, I've never heard of it before.

    So how'd you get on Pinkfloyd5434? Did you get it to work?
    I thoroughly recommend firefox's web developer toolbar. It's an invaluable asset!

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