Quick Homemade, Very Cheap

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  1. Looking for a quick bong to make in the absence of your glass?


    98c at pretty much any store, just throw a socket in, and there you have it.

    Blaze away. :smoking:
  2. that's not healthy to smoke out of...
  3. what is that?
  4. If there was a glass cup like that for a buck, that would alright. Not quite digging the idea of sticking a socket right onto a plastic downstem. But I admit I have done it before.
  5. enjoy your cancer
  6. lol, lately everyone has been going crazy about this whole Plastic = Instant caner lol. Calm down everyone

    Im almost CERTAIN! that the plastic has to go up to the temperature of

    All plastics are polymers (but not the other way around). There are a zillion different plastics, and a wide range of melting temperatures for them.

    PVC, polyvinyl chloride, melts at 212 C (about 414 F). Teflon®, which we use to coat cookware, is polytetrafluoroethene - PTFE, and it melts at 327 C (about 621 F).

    Source- wiki answers

    best I could find

    THe plastic from bottles and cups is weaker then Teflon ones so lets say it starts to expose chemicals at about 150 degrees, a lighter burns at

    Flame temperatures

    1977 soooooooo, yea thats pretty high and the smoke is proabably at 500 somthing i think ive heard, sorry no source:(

    anyway it would appear then if the plastic comes into contact with the smoke before it hits the water you could possible heat up the temperature of plastic enough to release harmful chemicals...

    GOT IT!?!??!
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    My lungs are fine.
  8. haha... They won't be if you keep smoking out of that plastic shit. I admit, when i was younger, I had a few homemade plastic bongs. Anyways, the point everyone's trying to get across to you is that buying an inexpensive glass pipe or bong or w/e is easy money spent if you think about your future health...

    I really like the idea of that homemade bong though haha
  9. didn't realize the post was a year old lol :smoking:
  10. Lol wut?
  11. how do you know your lungs are fine?

  12. quoted for truth, smoking plastic kills.
  13. Cuz I have real pieces, I occasionally smoke out of this. Here and there. Just like smoking, which I assume is worse, Ill be fine if I use it here and there.

    People freak out here too easily, just like the underage shit. Relax folks.
  14. eew plastic

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