QUICK HELP pls! Do I need to put this seedling under the light now?

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  1. Hi,

    In the last few hours one of my seedling emerge to surface, and now -when I could check them- she looks like in the pictures. They have in the wardrobe without any light at this moment, but I'm not sure that should I put under the light this one or I have to wait more?

    Other question: I have two 125w cfls (red and blue) and I don't know how far can I put the bulb for this seedling? 10-20 cm / 5-10" or it would be too much at this moment? On the other hand, can I use both of bulbs or only the blue one?

    Check the pictures please and help if you can, I don't wanna to kill her! Three urgent questions, please give the answers, thanks!
    DSC_0036.JPG DSC_0037.JPG DSC_0036.JPG DSC_0037.JPG
  2. Time for the light. Keep lights at 3-4 inches if using 2

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  3. Thanks! I did it, she is under the light how you said.

    They're all autoflowers, and I'm planning to put them 20/4 through. Is it correct or any other suggestion?

    And just for double check.. is a good practice to use both of bulb (red n light) from the start? I'm asking because an other guy said that red for flowering and I need to use only blue.
  4. If you put 2 blues it'd be better than a red and blue.
    Use 2 reds when flowering. Or if you can add more light. As much as you can

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  5. I can't use 2 blue or 2 red. I need to solve the whole growing by a blue and a red bulb. Actually I don't care the yield, I do it for myself and for fun :)

    So, I can use only the blue until flowering and a slightly better if I would use both lamp? Is it true? Is there a big different between the two version? (only blue and both spectrum) Because the second one is more money and If there has no too much different, I'd prefer use only the blue now.

    Thank M9!

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