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quick help passing test

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by daddypurp508, May 15, 2011.

  1. hey guys let me start off by saying i just read about 30 pages in the sticky about this and I dont think anyone agreed on one solid process.

    my main concern:

    smoked tuesday..have a test on wednesday coming up so 8 days to get clean.

    Im 5'10" 295lbs...yea ive overweight. so thats what i need to take into consider in this process. I smoke very little but within the past month ive smoked about 3 or 4 times. i wouldnt be worried at all but the fact that i have more body fat makes me worried.

    yesterday and today, i worked out for about 4 hrs (played xbox while walking on the treadmill, its awsome) so i know im burning up the calories. and ive been drinking tons of water and green tea, i know that it doesnt matter till the day of the test but im just be extra careful this is a very important job and after this test im going to quit smoking for a long time, i hate it but its just not worth it to have a family and lose a career over smoking a joint.

    anyways, withing the next few days what should i be doing?

    my main concern is that i watched a youtube video were a kid said work out hardcore the day of the test and dont eat anything, then someone said the exact oposite, be lazy and eat lots of protein.

    so i know to flush with fluids the day of the test and take vitamin b12 to get the color back in the urine, and eat red meat to get the creatine back, what else can i do to add creatine to my system?

    sorry if im asking quesitons that have been answered but i dont want to read through 120+ pages of disagreements on the test sticky page.
  2. If you've only smoked 3 or 4 times in the past month that's gonna help your chances, that's considered light use. Take 500mg of niacin every other day, drink at least 2 gallons of water a day, and do cardio. THC is stored in your fat and you want that out, you need to run/walk for at least 30min a day to burn enough fat.

    If they don't watch you while you test (like they tell you to go in the bathroom and pee in a cup) just buy synthetic urine for $30, google it. It's like a 200% guarantee you will pass. That will only work if they leave you alone in the bathroom though, if they watch you then you have to do the things I said to do.

    Also, ignore twinkpron, he's a troll who will be IP banned very soon.
  3. Take some Niacin they're a body cleanser. Cleans ya up in 4 days or something like that but it's a renowned stoner cleanse. Stoners abuse it and make it work in a couple days or a day. 8 Days you'll pass no doubt.
  4. 1. Invent time machine
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  5. but ive heard the niacine in no way helps THC leave the body from numorous website...?

    and im way to nervous about the urine not being up to temperature, if its against your leg and you pour it right away its probably not going to be close to body temperature.
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    $31.99 Quick Fix Synthetic Urine. Order now and get it tommorow in most major cities!

    The urine comes with a heating pad to keep it up to temperature.

    And, the Niacin Flush does cause capillaries (small blood vessels close to the skin) to get larger. This being said, the flush allows more water to be moved through the blood stream and thus aiding in the removal of THC from ones fat cells. Now don't expect to just take a Niacin and be clean of THC. It does take less time to flush your system of THC than if you were drinking water alone but on its own will do nothing. Flushing ones system with the assistance of Niacin will also greatly reduce the amount of Creatine in your body which is tested on lab tested urine. To help regain the Creatine lost, one can drink energy drinks with Creatine in them or they can even go buy Creatine powder from a local grocery store or GNC.
  7. Niacin will work but it sucks cuz your body gets hot like really hotnand it sucks and if you exercise on it though you willbe clean fast
  8. is creatine the work out supplement that guys used to take in highschool the same as the chemical they test for? i mean if i take that will it boost my creatine level in urine?

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