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Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by relieF, Aug 21, 2003.

  1. hey man, i tried to do the research myself but its hard!!! can you guys help me find the seed i want?

    these are my priorites

    0) clear high, so i can study
    1) easy to grow
    2) no stink
    3) small size
    4) cheap to buy seeds

    and less importantly

    5) indica, not sativa because i've never tried indica.
    6) fast yield
    7) coolness factor, like purple color or something =D

    ya... thanks in advance. yield quantitiy doesn't matter, i just want the plant to be small because its going to be grown INDOORS.
  2. NL5xHaze, not really small but a good compromise.
    Amsterdam flame by paradise seeds is a fave of mine and i think u wud like that a lot.
  3. currently i'm thinking about purple high. i don't know about the plant size, and apparently it really really stinks, but a clear high, potency, + 100% indica is worth it.

    purple hair gives a nice coolness factor.
  4. There's no indica dominate strain that will give you a clear high. Just not going to happen. You need a sativa dominate strain.

    Maybe a supeskunk will work, its got a good up high to it, really motivates you to move around. Indicas are a couch-lock munchy buzz.
  5. well, thanks for your reply. now i'm confused though, because a couple of sources say that indica gives one a "body" high, and sativa gives a "heady" high. the thing is, i've tried the "heady" high and i don't like it. i can't concentrate though i do feel like moving around, i'd rather have the buzz all in my body and have a clear mind when studying.

    what's g13? is that indica or sativa strain?
  6. heres something i found online.

    "100% indica, medium height, likes to branch out. G-13 is a must have for any serious growers, and breeders. Whatever male I used to breed with the G-13 produced a large percentage of ultra high resin producing plants. High Producer, 6-7 weeks flowering. G-13 is easily cloned, can be successfully rejuvenated after flowering. G-13 as a female only exists as a clone. Although I myself as well as many others are trying to assimilate this breed in seed. You know that it is G-13 when you roll it. If you use your fingers to break up buds, they will become so sticky, that is very difficult to roll. Smoking G-13 doesn't produce any sleepy, heavy head, or headache symptoms. "

    g13 is what i'm going for, but its too expensive so i just want something with a clear mind high. g13 is also indica.

    this was taken from


    yes, i definitely want indica.
  7. A body high means your whole body gets downright stoned and you can sit in one place and stare at the radio or the TV for a long time. You can set your mind on a subject and analyze the shit out of it, but it may not be the subject you want. I can read when on a sativa kick, but not on indica. I can look at art or look at puzzles, diagrams, the word jumble, etc - anything with pattern recognition on it when on indica. My wife likes to get a good skunk sativa going and she can clean the house form bottom to top, but on indica she turns into a slug.
  8. i cudnt agree more with wot BPP is saying. i myself like the headdy high of the sativa best, but thats just me.

    if u want g13 then the only way ur gonna get it is to buy g13, or rather a g13 cross, yes they cost a lot but u get wot u pay for in this world.
  9. yeah bpp hit it on the head.

    i am puffing on a nice sativa right now, it is very clear and cerebral but it isn't so powerful you can't think, great for homework or dealing with people. when you puff a good indica you won't be doing anything for a while other than sitting and looking at something.
  10. um. so if i want to be high but if i don't want to say stupid things in front of poeple i should go for sativa? lolz.

    btw now i've decided to go for PURPLE HIGH which is 100% indica, and also HAZE SPECIAL which is 100% sativa. A little experimenting is in order. latezzz

  11. Now after you get both of them grown and try each one sperately, mix them together in the same spliff for a groovy time.
  12. i know the difference between sativa and indica, but are they strains of cannabis or species or what?

  13. A lot of confusion in the taxonomy. In the published scientific literature they are refered to as Cannabis sativa and cannabis indica, which indicates to me that they are different species and should not be able to crossbreed amongst species. But plants are wacky in their reproduction compared to other living creatures, because sometimes different species do crossbreed and produce vaible, non-hybridized offspring.

    IMHO, I would say they are different species, not strains.
  14. quick history lesson.

    with Cannabis (or hemp) being such a good crop and being able to get so many difrant things from it (rope, paper, cloth, seeds 4 food or oil etc etc etc) when salors and explorers etc went to far off places from europe and found this amazing plant they got some seeds, took it home and started growing it. (good plan huh!)

    becuse these plants came from hot places they wasnt suited to the colder lands of places like france spain england etc they didnt do well. but becuce they r such a hardy plant they grew anyway, or at least some of them did, the 1s most suited to the cold weather and short days. from these the farmers took there seeds 4 the next years crop, this went on year after year till growers through selection had plants that differed from the origanl plant. they flowerd quicker and had broader leaves. these stabilesd over the years from inbreading to become a strain of ther own.

    Cannabis sativa is the species, this is subdevided into Cannabis sativa. Cannabis indica and Cannabis rudiarlis witch i belive to b strains.

    the law in the uk defines all Cannabis as Cannabis sativa, says nothing about indica. this was once used as a defence when a grower was caught growing Cannabis indica. it didnt wash and he got sent down.

    as BBP says there is a lot of confusion about wot makes a strain a strain or a species, and thats never bin as true anywher as it is with cannabis.

    a rose by any other name still smells as sweet.......
  15. The Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Wildflowers has a very good scientific description of cannabis sativa. Look for it at any large chain book store
  16. Check out these strains:
    -haze cross(go for something crossed for yield, like NL)
    -skunk(#1 rarely fails the beginner)
    -power plant puts out lots of energy too.

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