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  1. some girl just text me and told me she used to be into the process of making meth and shit where she used to live and is here now and wants a good hookup? i can get her meth, but i def wanna call BS on her making it and shit, what can i possibly say to her to call her out. like a question or somenthat would prove she didnt know shit?
  2. if i was u... id just say "BULLSHIT!!!" ....from then on... its all u
  3. jus ask like wat kinda tools and equipment shit she used... probly shuld stump her...

    ps... wats the deal with the egg things guys??
  4. Lol I hate people that make shit up like that.

    One friend I know claims to be this pothead but she isnt shes just a moron, claims she needs to smoke like an 8th to herself to be high. Also tried to convince me once that "nug" and "kb" are 2 different types of weed..around here at least it just means weed above mids and below dank not any diffence.
  5. Haha, funny story. +rep
  6. She could be telling the truth cuz Meth isn't too hard to make. I been in sheds were people are making their "holiday btach" but I coulkd be wrong on how hard it is but Iknow it's not like super difficult.
  7. It's not hard at all...tons of backyard chemists do it

    shes probably one of the dumbasses that has no clue what the fuck shes doing but can follow a simple set of instructions easily found on the net...

    I'd suggest you stay the hell away from her meth-head ass as most meth users are and will always be dishonest junkies much like you're typical heroin addict

    now if she claimed she should make mdma I'd have to call bullshit as the processes involved require proper lab equipment skill intelligence and worst of all...and extremely hard to find precursor thats redflagged everywhere
  8. Why do you care? Whoopdeefuck... just another idiot. I'm sure you've had to deal with more than one poser in your life...
  9. haha i hate fucking fakers dude they piss me off so bad ppl take like a puff and dont inhale then a second later claim to be "the highest theyve ever been b4" im like u wish r u kidding stop being a pussy and inhale that shitttttt anyways...

    question about meth: is it expensive and what like are the effects of it
  10. Sure there are dishonest ones although theres also pleanty of honest ones. Just like theres dishonest and honest straight edgers. Drugs don't make people, they were often that way before they started to use drugs. I'd just ask her about the progress and show interest in making your own, if you know her well, otherwise don't risk it.. Don't worry about calling her bluff, Let he think shes won. Who really cares?

    Good idea dude but any meth user could answer these questions. I presume by effects you mean from the high, right?
  11. ya like i dont know like anyone who has done it so im jw what it actually does for u
  12. Meth is a speeder, you wanna know how it feels without becoming a rot jaw fidget-fuck? Take a shit ton of caffine or if ya ever experimented with ephedra before it was scheduled, then that is about it, however meth may feel like a cleaner clearer high than those, it is not a cleaner safer substance, heh
  13. meth coke heroin and even cigarettes make people act nutty dude its addiction at work

    if shes making the shit and she hasn't got a fucking clue as to what chemical reactions are taking place she could very well kill herself others or this dude so it's best to avoid her if she's stupid
  14. Okay, I've been clean since Oct, prior to that I was in and out of the scene, I used quite a bit and I know how to make good dope. I'm in college planning on a chem eng. major. I'll offer what I can off the top of my head (stoned, haven't slept in 35hrs thanks to homework). $500 says she's not the actual cook, so that means she would most likely be running supplies. I won't explain how the make the shit here, but there are 3 things you need to have for most cook setups, not including a variety of solvents (unless you are birching/nazi-method):
    The I2 is normally gotten from iodine purifying iodine tincture and the RP is from matchbook strikers. The Pse is getting harder and harder to find though...it is a major concern since they've already pulled all sudafed products containing it behind the counter and they track the mass in grams of activie ingredient 'PSE' that you've bought (along with you driver's license number in MN). To further complicate the aquisition of pseudoephedrine the DEA has engineered compounds (refered to as "gakks" in the scene) that prevent the extraction/purification of Pse from the sudafed pills. Povidone, PEG (Polyethyelene Glycol), Magnesium stearate, etc.

    If she was involved she was most likely buying boxes of sudafed for a cook and if she was doing that she would have needed to know what active ingrediants to look for and what inactives to avoid (povidone, PEG, etc.). If you were to ask what inactive ingredients to avoid she'd be hosed. That or you could just ask what method was being used for the main reaction (Hot/Dry rxn, "Birched", or a distillation setup). Or what Pse xtraction method was being utilized (STBIII, STE, alcohol xtractions are outdated and don't work, most new pills require a couple 20+hr xylene presoaks to clear it of povidone...

    And as far as the effects question goes, it's a paradox, you may feel the best you ever have while high, but when you come down you feel lower than you thought was humanly possible. In no way worth the cost...it still messes with my head quite a bit. Take care.
  15. Effects (I've felt):

    • [the good]
    • increased energy and alertness
    • decreased need for sleep
    • euphoria
    • increased sexuality
    • [the neutral]
    • excessive talking
    • weight loss
    • sweating
    • visual & auditory hallucinations (hearing voices)
    • [the negative]
    • loss of appetite
    • tightened jaw muscles, grinding teeth (trismus and bruxia)
    • shortness of breath (when I've done a larger then normal amount)
    • moodiness & irritability (coming down, normally)
    • panic, suspiciousness & paranoia (after lack of sleep)
    • involuntary body movements
  16. sorry if I offend anyone but meth is one of those few drugs that I'll never touch with a ten foot pole...a dude from a town about an hour from me was running through the forest yelling jibberish and he ran into random peoples houses telling then the cops were out to get him when there weren't even any cops around. He eventually got caught and apparently he had been up for like 4 days straight strung out. I've heard some other stories too.
  17. http://www.erowid.org/chemicals/meth/meth_effects.shtml
  18. [quote name='emrandel']Why do you care? Whoopdeefuck... just another idiot. I'm sure you've had to deal with more than one poser in your life...[/qote]

    really cause she will probably burn herself alive when her meth lab goes up in flames,

    i dont do drugs, besides weed doesnt count cause everyone does it
  19. Good link Sandbag. Mines the experanced (personally) ones from that list. I left out the ones I never personally felt.

  20. AMEN, I read this article in newsweek about the meth epidemick, and it was quite disturbing. I saw pics of people burned from meth labs, before and after pics, and teeth shots you name it. Not something to play with not to mention the law starting to crack the hell down on this stuff. This all points to a big shitty downward spiral, no thanks for me. Best advise stay away! JOE>

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