Quick hamlet question

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  1. I dont no wh ois smart and read this and remembers but does anyone know how the last appearance of the ghost is different from the first two appearances
  2. do your own homework.
  3. First two times the ghost is in armor, third time he is in a nightgown.
  4. If you read the book then you should know how to answer this. It's not a question that has a stock answer to it, it's an opinion/essay question... meaning you have to give YOUR opinion.

    Lets just say that the ghost's final appearance is different in that the Ghost himself has changed it's appearance not only of itself, but to other people. He is only seen by Hamlet, what aspect of Hamlet's psychology does this call into question?

    Now ask yourself, what are the implications of this?

    And as Jaded said, do your own homework.
  5. He went from a hamlet to a riblet

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