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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Aaronl8n, Apr 24, 2006.

  1. I have grown with flouros in my closet before.. but that didnt work out so i was wondering if i could just set a plant in the window.. would it still grow as long as I water it and occassionally take it outside?
  2. YES this can work just pick your window wisely you want one with a lot of sun but at the same time you will need one that noone ever walks by or can see in.. You will need to spin the plant 180 degrees at least 1 time a day tro get even growth...Good luck..
  3. Thanks a lot, did you happen to be a member on the overgrow.com?
  4. hey bro, make sure you rotate the plant every 2-3 days so that the plant will get even lighting. Dont expect the plant to get to big either. Believe it or not that glass from the window can have a mag light effect and burn spots on your plant too. Try to open the window because glass is uneven and can cause uneven lighting to your plant and that can cause self polination aka hermie.
  5. Yes Was a member of OG but now i've found a new plot of dirt to spread my roots as a happy GC member..
  6. What happend to the over grow? it never comes up for me anymore.

    Also how much bud should i expect from 1 plant growing with this method?
  7. Overgrow is gone my friend, It was shut down when the owner was busted for shiping seeds to the US or something to that affect..
  8. Damn that sucks, you know how much bud i would get out of a plant in the window?
  9. It all depends on the strain you are growing bro.
  10. I have 2 seeds that i am planning a bubble gum seed, and a williams wonder seed(cloned), what do you think, how much bud?
  11. LOL. I think half of us here (or more) were members of OG
  12. yes it can work, but you would be better off planting it outside in a spot with a lot of sun.
  13. Plants in windows tend to stretch so be careful. No one can tell you how much you will get. It all depends on alot of factors, like the fertilizer you use, what dirt you use, light, strain, size, ex. You'll just have to do it and find out.

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