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    Hi everyone, I have a quick question. I am starting my grow for the year - indoor and outdoor - but I have a slight dilemma. My mother started a few plants a couple months ago just to experiment before I came home to start things and now we have one 18" plant currently under a HPS light. She had the light on a 12-12 schedule unknowingly and now it is starting to flower. The problem is that the seedlings I have started under a fluorescent now need to go into the grow room under the HPS light on an 18-6 schedule.

    These are my perceived options:
    1) Transplant the plant outside and let it follow the season - is this a problem b/c it is already flowering? Will it be too traumatic for the plant?
    2) Leave the plant in the grow room but put it on the 18-6 schedule with the seedlings

    What do you think is my best option? Any other ideas?

  2. I would probably opt for the outside idea if I were you. I wouldn't grow outside here where I live because of the risks, but if I were in a different area...

    Your 18" plant with re-veg and start growing round blades for about 3 weeks then go back to normal vegetative growth. Then a few weeks later it will start to flower again. Shouldn't hurt it.:smoke:
  3. I transplanted the plant to a bigger pot and put it outside, bringing it inside for the night in case it was too cold. I put it out this morning and after a watering and a few hours in the sun it was really wilted. What should I do? More water?less sun? Keep it outside?

  4. put it under the hps until it recovers. It's probably wilted from transplant stress, and then getting full sunlight. That's a lot of lumens.

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