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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by ShaggyGT, Sep 23, 2009.

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  1. I did a search and didnt come up with anything. I have seen the thread on here a long time ago and cant find it now. Basically I want to experiment around with some bag seeds I have. I want to know what is the fastest I can get the plant through the veg. and flowering stages? I know I wont get a great yeild and the quality may not be to its fulliest but I just want to do a quick grow as an experiement. I have a decent amount of space to grow in and I have the proper lights for the space I have. I will also be using soil most likely an organic soil. So if anyone can point me in the right direction or let me know what I need to do to pull this off please let me know. Thanks in advance for your time and help.

  2. it can be as quick as you like man (as far as veg).

    you can start 12/12 from seed if you like... you won't get much yield but it's the quickest way if you just want to dick around and grw a plant that you can smoke.
  3. Excellent. Thanks for the fast reply. So once they pop out of the soil I can go straight to 12/12 and just let them go from there? About how long will I need to leave them in this stage or is it going to vary from strain to strain? Any recomendations on nutes or soils that will help me out with this quick grow?

    I am using this as a way to show the wife, who has cancer, that we can grow herb at the house rather doing the mail order thing which is pricey. After I pull this experiment off I am going to invest in a grow box and actually let the plants grow and get a higher yeild. Also invest in some better seeds or trimings. We are moving to Cali soon so I will have the proper licensing there to grow for personal use.

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    man.. 1st off all the best to you and the wife. I hope everything works out for y'all!

    i've never grown 12/12 from seed, but it's still gonna take some time fr it to mature enough to start flowering.

    assuming its an 8 week flowering strain.. it'll probably be a good 10 weeks before you are ready.
    i could be totally wrong about that.. so get a few other opinions before taking mine to the bank :)

    GL with everything man.

    edit: sergio has a 12/12 thread which is full of info and pics.. PM him with questions, he's real good about helping folks out.
  5. Thanks brotha. She has been going through hell with chemo and not being able to eat and keep it down and not sleeping. Thankfully there are mail order suppliers out there that have strains specifically for cancer patients but its killing us money wise. I can handle a one time hit of $500-600 for a good setup but not the $400-500 a month on product from the suppliers.

    Yeah I am aware its going to take some time before it is ready to flower and getting it to that point but I dont want to wait as long as one normally would when growing. the faster the better but I am not in a huge rush like I said its more to get my wife confident in the fact that it would be a good investment.

    Thanks for the link and for all the info. Everything you have provided is valuable to me cause I am now a few steps closer to knowing what I need to do and a general idea of how long it will take.
  6. Let me add one point. I have read that plants starting out from seed recieving 1//12 can cause a lot of stress and sometimes cause the plant to hermie. My opinion would be to order a fast flowering strain seed and veg it for two weeks then toss it into flowering. Hope this helps.
  7. Well like I said this is an experiment and after this I will invest in a better setup and better seeds. But for bag seed that cost nothing and I have 20+ I wont loose anything but time by trying the 12/12 method from seed. My wife can get any good seed to sprout. She had like 7 sprout the last time she did it for me for fun, we couldnt believe it. I have never had much luck with sprouting seeds.
  8. That's great about the seedlings :p

    I didn't mean to suggest that you had to do 2 weeks veg or whatever. What I was trying to suggest was that you should consider it to make your first test run one that is nice enough to encourage you and the misses that it is a viable and plentiful alternative to buying.

    So long as you both go into it expecting less than amazing results, it'll do the job just fine :)
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    So should I do an 18/6 for 2 weeks so it can get some height and then go 12/12 or 24/0? Thanks for the help!! I dont mind giving it a little bit of time I just dont want to do a full grow this time around because I dont have the setup for it yet.
  10. Bump

    Any other insight? Lighting schedules particularly.
  11. Well 3 days after putting one of the seeds in soil and it has already poped out of the ground. It has some good strong roots too. I will get some pics up later today.
  12. Also got about 10-15 Trainwreck Seeds I will start after this first attempt. Lucked up I guess and got them from our mail order supplier. Got a sample of trainwreck and it was loaded with seeds. Sucked for the quality of the smoke but atleast I got those out of the deal.
  13. Here is a picture of where its at now. It was placed in soil monday and it sprouted out of the soil Thursday.
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