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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by ohraesisstrakur, May 10, 2010.

  1. So I saw it mentioned recently on this site, something about going "straight to flowering from seedling" Is this really possible? Or is it absolutely necessary for the plant to show it's sex and pre-flower before going to 12/12? I have a BigBangxKush seedling that is a few weeks into veg and would like to flower her as soon as possible to keep finishing size down as my space is fairly smal.

    So basically my question is, with feminized seeds is it necessary to veg more than a cpl weeks, or can you just force it to flower once it's got some roots estabilished?
  2. You can go to 12/12 if its absolutely necessary. I have 1 plant that was only on its 4th node when I went to 12/12. The growth slowed majorly and it took nearly 3 weeks to show signs of preflowers. So the answer is yes but its gonna take longer. Id recommend getting it to its 7th node then changing to 12/12. It will save you a bunch of time
  3. You shouldn't need to worry about size of the plant in terms of height. Just tie her down. LST her and bush it out. If it grows too tall in flower, then bend her over some more with string tied down or weighted. Again this is only if the width of the plant is not an issue as well.

    You should veg for at least 4 weeks or at least until the 6th node starts growing. I recommend 5 weeks or 7 to 8 nodes. How long and how healthy the plant is in veg will have a major impact on your yield.

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