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    Ok so, im sure some of you have seen my grow, and if you havent you should check it out.

    So heres whats up, my lil babys been in veg for almost 6 weeks now, and shes doing good, Problem is i started 12/12 two weeks ago... and yet shes still vegging. I found out i had wired my stuff wrong so everytime the lights would go out the fan would go off too. As soon as i fixed this, i think it started to veg again and sprout more leafs along where im LSTing it.

    I know this is diffucult to understand without a picture, but i forgot my camera cord, so ill have some pics up in a few hours, but until then.

    How do i shock this naughty girl into flowering.

    What i planned on doing was, going from 12/12 today then leaving the light on for 24 hours, then.... leaving it off for 24 hours, then switching back to 12/12 along with feeding her flowering nutes, which i have not been doing yet

    Any ideas, or am i too stoned?:smoking::confused:

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  2. Just put it in 12/12 and leave it alone. Of course it is going to grow more shoots, they double or triple in size when flowering. You wont notice hairs or bud formation until about 2 weeks into flowering.

  3. lol yeah it takes a few weeks to even see the sex. just wait. dont mess up the light cycle or you may risk having herm or alot of males from stress.

    keep it on 12/12. unless your fans goinng off made the heat go above 90 i doubt you damaged anything having yoru fans off at night.

    make sure its 100% darkness. no light what so ever can reach the plants durring the 12 hours off period.

    6 weeks of veg is a long time btw...

    you will notice alot of growth as it changes out of veg, it may look like its vegging but its actualy growing in flowering stage ;)
  4. These guys are right.. put it in 12/12 and leave it the hell alone. :)

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist

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