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  1. Hey everyone. I joined this forum to get some answers. I live in California where weed is legal now but I work a federal job. I have heard nothing but good things about quick fix and I trust that it will work but I do have a concern.
    I need to keep it readily available in case of randoms so the best place to keep it is in my car. I keep it in a compartment under the seats so it is never in sunlight at all. But it does it quite hot where I live. Like over 100 through the summer. Will my bottle still be safe to use in a test in those conditions? If not. Can someone suggest any alternatives?
  2. These two questions from the official quick fix site tells me you may be okay but I'm just guessing. It implies heat is okay but not direct sunlight. If getting warm harms it I'd think they would have offered storage suggestions. They do say it's only good for a year.

    Q: Can Quick Fix be reheated if it is not used?
    A: Yes. Quick Fix is the only synthetic urine on the market capable of being heated and cooled on a daily basis without compromising the authenticity and validity of the sample itself. If you plan on heating your Quick Fix sample daily, we recommend that you purchase additional heating pads or the Leg Strap which we sell.

    Q: I left it in in direct sun light, is my Quick Fix Synthetic okay?
    Direct sunlight for extended periods will break down the product, the UV rays from the sun will break down the bio-chemical inside the bottle. We recommend you do not use it if this happens.

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