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Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by LifesthePits, Jul 24, 2008.

  1. I like the heating the synthetic urine (quick fix urine)up for 8 seconds instead of 10 then let the heating pad take over and stuff it in your shorts....remain calm and it will work![​IMG] fake urine $21.99
  2. anyone pass a drug test at american toxicology in las vegas using synthetic urine? anyone know where i can buy it at a local headshop?
  3. [quote name='"jsonkim843"']anyone pass a drug test at american toxicology in las vegas using synthetic urine? anyone know where i can buy it at a local headshop?[/quote]

    I passed a few with quickfix for the ncaa, all lhs's carry it around me.
  4. thanks. i only as because i stumbled upon a post earlier of someone who failed at american toxicology in vegas using quickfix. that's what i was about to do and now i'm nervous as shit....
  5. Hey there
    Recently got a job locally after being unemployed for a year. Interview went great have a super cool boss and everything. I was told there wasn't going to be a DT. Cool. The next day my new boss calls me and says "I've never had to do this before, I have to send you for a DT (urine) on your first day of work". Immediately I went and bought a bottle of quickfix plus. I haven't been smoking heavy smoked 1-2 a day for a week, 2 weeks ago. I haven't smoked for 2 months before that. I also smoked a very small bowl 2 days ago. Anyways, I figure this test is going to be much like my last test. They did the test right in front of me when I came out of the bathroom. Instant results I failed even after not smoking for 2 1/2 months but she asked me if I had been smoking I said no way. She said well these tests are very inaccurate and she passed me :eek: luck of the irish there. I'm going in with quick fix this time. I'm pretty sure they will be giving me a similar test since they want immediate results. I take the test Tuesday ill update with whatever happens. Also I'm in southern cali
  6. i have a test tomorrow at quest. I have quickfix plus by is that the same as you used?
  7. Sounds right sir
  8. i had a drug test at concentra today but couldnt take it because i had work and was told id have a physical and lift using quick fix..i know for a fact it works but i was prepared only for a piss i had it taped to my sucks because i worked hard to make it comfortable and concealed :( can i hide the bottle? will a jock strap and boxers work? any help is appreciated
  9. I use tape, the beige colored tape. Stronger than Scotch but not as strong as duct tape. Maybe called masking tape? Then I just wrap it a couple times around my thigh with the warm pad between the bottle and tape. Some people I know just wear tight underwear and throw it in there too..
  10. wouldnt this be visible during the phsyical? im trying to figure out how to keep the quick fix hidden if i have to take the physical first
  11. Does anyone know if quickfix goes bad if Its been opened?
  12. Synthetics have varying success rates. I wouldn't chance it. Be it pre employment, probation, or a scheduled test. Do not chance it. The only guaranteed way to pass the test, is to not consume. If you follow those instructions, you will never fail the test.
  13. Not really what I was looking for, its already worked for me. Just need to know if it goes bad when opened if I want to put the premixed bottle into the whizzinator for random UAs. God damn right im going to be consuming. Anyone else?
  14. Hey guys sorry to barge in on this post but for some reason i cant start a new one. Im currently on probation until 12 am... actually im off it now lol anyways was wondering what happens next? Ive been smoking the whole time on probation and im only on it for a dui. They tested me a month ago and i passed using valve and a whole lot of water been checking every day for a warrent and there isnt one just curious if lets say a week passes and i still dont have my paperwork saying im off can she legally give me a drug test? Do i have to go in and sign paperwork or see a judge cause if so i wanna be ready. Not sure if this helps but i live in south florida and i have a awesome lawyer/bestfriend so im ready to strike it up if i have to. Any feedback would be great just dont say "well just dont smoke" im not gonna quit and there isnt a man women child or government that will make me. Thanks guys
  15. Bump, anyone? And if you need to pass a drug test just get the whizzinator. might need to order it online unless you live in a big enough city that carries shit like that, I know I dont. I have to order everything off the internet.
  16. I just failed a pre-employment 3 panel drug screen for an entry level job. I guess it came back as a non-human,synthetic. I followed all the directions. it was 5.7.1 batch f7f-12. I called the test facility and they told me the results and so it sound like I have lost this job. Then I called spectrum they where not helpful and told me it isn’t possible for a test to come back “synthetic” . Dont risk it. Sub with real clean urine. or don't smoke
  17. i passed with flying colors with my drug test at concentra ...hid the bottle in my compression shorts...only way you can fail is if you get the temperature wrong..idk how GDT failed...
  18. I need some reassurance please.

    Today I took a pre-employment non-DOT drug test. I used quick fix since it work for me earlier this year and passed, but this test i took today was different.
    I put the QF into the cup, the temp was good and was verified that the QF was in temperature range. The sample was then put into 2 containers, I signed both containers. Both containers were then placed into a bag and sent off to a lab for testing. After reading many many posts about if QF can pass lab test I came up with various results from other users but many were older posts and other didn't specify why they failed. So I wanted to see if there is any recent info on QF and lab tests.

    Here's some info about my test:
    Escreen non-DOT
    Do not use ecup, 1200 - 5 panel NDOT std(1200)
    Sent to Alere Toxicology in Gretna,LA.

    So anyone knows why it was placed into 2 containers? What does it mean by std(1200)? And most important will I pass?
    Any info will help,
  19. Maybe you had too much piss for 1 container... they might of done that to me in the past idk can't remember. Lost my job in December so I'm at this whole situation again.

    Its worked for me like 4 or 5 times in the past so we'll see, no idea how GDT failed maybe they got some different testing going on in Oregon.
  20. They test for uric acid in Oregon, Washington, and Hawaii. Just order the uric acid version of QF. When you call QF to check the batch number, they tell you if you have the right version for your state. I subbed with QF at Quest a couple days ago. Temp read 96 degrees, in the waiting period now. I used it a couple years back at Labcorp with no probs. I'll post back with an update.

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