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  1. Hey guys, I'm new here. This is actually my first post. I am going to be taking a drug test pretty soon [within two weeks] and I really do not want to stop smoking (I already have though, but if this stuff works, i will start again tomorrow night :hello:). My Friend always uses Certo and passes his drug tests and he's on probation. But I don't want to drink Certo it's gross. but anyway, my point is, Is Quick fix actually reliable? I can't find any recent reviews. And I read somewhere that synthetic no longer works, it did a couple of years ago but labs can now detect it.

    So has anyone used it recently and it work? Any help is needed, I will be buying it tomorrow if anyone can let me know anything.

    And I'm not worried about hiding the bottle or anything, I'm a magician by trade and I'm pretty good at not letting people see what I don't want them to.

    Thanks in advance guys!


    P.S. Whatever method I use I will let you guys know the details, I've noticed too many people just ask for help and don't follow up after the DTs.

    [edit] P.P.S. It's a pre-employment drug screen for a call center known as west communications. Magic's a hobby of mine, and well i don't live in an area with enough demand to make a living off of magic shows.
  2. Hey, I'm going to bed, but please respond, I will check in the morning, I really need some help here.
  3. Hello! I have ALL the same questions as you, and am currently in the same situation. I have been on forums for weeks and plan on passing my pre-employment drug screen with quick fix. However, I have not been able to find any recent information on it, and need to hear from REAL people who have recently used this product. Anybody???
  4. you should both use the searchbar. but if you're lazy some do-gooder will come up and answer your shit either way
  5. i think both of you should be able to find your answers here.http://forum.grasscity.com/seasoned-tokers/36557-offical-how-pass-dt.html

    but for future reference, try a quick search before starting a thread.
  6. ...is there an echo?
  7. I bet you it takes less time for you guys to just give him a straight answer than it does for him to search for it.

    I also bet you it takes an equal amount of effort to tell him to search for it as it does to just give him an answer.

    If people actually used the search feature then grasscity forums would consist of probably about 20 different threads, and that would be no fun.
  8. well first, i gave him a link to a thread.
    so dont go there.
    second, by me and trees telling him to use the search bar, it will prevent other pointless threads like this.
    any other question?

    most threads on here are for the sake of conversation, so by people searching, there will still be plenty of action here on the city.

    any other questions?
  9. Naive, internet noob, or just trying to justify minor dickery.

    Take your pick.

    But for future reference, nobody likes a smarty.

    Collie never asked you a question. What're you high or something? :D
  10. Shit, I'd like to see this link you 'posted'.

    Any questions? :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
  11. Check it out, Yeah Before i posted my question I had read that thread. (Yes this response is a little late) But guess what, I did use the search bar. and I -WAS- looking for someone's opinion on Quickfix 4.0 Specifically from someone who used it. Well it's too late now. I Got the job Using Quickfix 4.0 waited this long to post the reply because sometimes this employer takes a while to get people out of their building when they pop a ua. But guess what. I have used QuickFix, and it worked.

    Since no one else either had the balls to actually use it, or those who did have the balls to use it just didn't post, or don't use the forums I had to take the risk by myself, which I did and thankfully everything worked out. FUCK DILUTION. It doesn't work, don't give a fuck what anyone says. I have tried it, and for a job that isn't Wal-Mart, it generally doesn't work. I've peed too bright yellow and they poor it out and wait for me to pee again. And guess what if you're on Probation just fucking don't smoke, because If you pee too clear, or pee and odd color, like neon yellow, the PO will just wait for you to pee normal and then pop you. So right now i'm endorsing Synthetic urine. Substitution is the way to go. If you don't have the stones to substitute, then don't smoke untill you pass a drug test and get over it, I have a freakin' news flash. you won't die if you don't smoke.

    Have fun. But the gist of this is, Quick FIx 4.0 Works. Combine it with a Wizzinator if you're being watched when you pee, it's a great invention, and everyone should know it works.

    -Josh "Dai" ****
  12. i tried it before i got hired at AT&T aand the result proves "invalid" so i had to re-take it. just get the detox kit and quit for a few days. thats what i did
  13. I have used quick fix about 8 times in the last 5 years, It works, if it doesnt, you didnt do it right. Randoms, Employment, and Injuries have all been tested and I have never failed. Anyone that I have reccomended it to has also never failed.

    Believe it or not they use synthetic urine to calibrate alot of teting insturments, Real Human urine is very unsanitary and stinks , so no one stores it. They use this stuff
  14. I used ACE urine. It's the same as quick fix but about 5-10$ cheaper.

    Worked for me. As stated before if it doesn't work it's more than likely the person using it.

    There are many threads related to this exact topic though, just type quick fix in the search bar and you'll see. Infact, here is one with the exact same title as your thread word for word: http://forum.grasscity.com/seasoned-tokers/267453-quick-fix-synthetic-urine.html

    Another on synthetic urine:

    I also wrote a guide related to drug testing, here: http://forum.grasscity.com/apprentice-tokers/216170-passing-urine-drug-test.html

    Next time use the search bar.
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    it helped me get a job that ended up firing me a week later because
    i did that instead of the swab. i passed tool. stupid fucking tester told
    me it'd be fine. Fuck you, Andronicos!

    edit; it, being taking a urinalysis. she said i could,
    manager said i couldnt.
  16. Quickfix 4.0 worked for me. Had to get another heat pad because I used the one when the drug test place was actually closed, but I found two hand warmers from cvs or walgreens for like 99 cents works best. I had it crotched and it was 98 degrees after 1.5 hours with no warming beforehand.

    100% reccommend using it.
  17. have drug test one Wednesday i will reply with my results from quick fix 4.0!!!!!
  18. They hired me before my drug test(GD IT YES!!!!!) They popped the test on me today and I will reply with the results!!!!
  19. I can tell all of you out there that are nervous about the Quick fix....RELAX it works. I read a lot of the posts on here about people being so nervous and believe me if you can follow the very easy instructions you will pass. The new version is the 5.7. I would advise you to purchase extra heat pads for the bottle because I used mine and actually didnt take the test until the following day. I bought some heat muscle thing from Walgreens and it made it to hot and I had to let it sit for 15 minutes just to get it back to 100 degrees. I passed and was nervous as hell. Trust me on this...this stuff works! All I can say is that there is no need to quit tokin AT ALL. I stuck it right down the fron of my pants and they just told me to go in the bathroom and "don't flush until we inspect when u are done. I now have a great job and a life. It came through in a time when i needed it most! Thank you Quick Fix!
  20. yeah ive used it many times and it has worked every single time. ive used it at different drug testing labs and it still worked so there ya go.

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